Back to School!

August 2019

Will your school have a NEW webmaster this school year?

If you will not be joining us this year in the realms of webmastering, please have your principal complete the form available in the button below and feel free to forward this to the new webmaster if able.
New Webmaster Form - for Principals >>

                         WELCOME  BACK!                         

It’s back to school time (I’m sorry if you cringe at the sound of that)! I hope you are returning from a relaxing and joyful summer, feeling energized to kick off this new school year! I know that many of you have your plates full, attending staff development, prepping offices and classrooms, planning, organizing and forcing yourself back into the start of school hussel. With all of this going on, I wanted to prep you on some housekeeping items and updates for your school websites that need to be completed prior to the start of school!

Last year was a successful learning year in the website and apps and we hope it set us up for success as we launch into a new one! So buckle up, send all complaint emails to Jonathan Mathis (JK) and let’s go!

Leslie Ashford


Tutorial available now. This is literally the same one I give when presenting!
Open lab training opportunity: Thursday, August 29 @ 3:30-4:30pm
in the Technology Lab @ the DO. Sign up below.
The Basics of Webmastering Tutorial - Start Here!
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Tuesday, August 27 @ 4pm
Online Webinar only. More details to follow.
Want to learn some cool tips & tricks beyond the basics? Learn how to create your own pasges, edit the mega menu and more!
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Slider Images >>   |   Tutorial:  News Articles >> 

  • Slider: Any new slider images that have “Back to School Vibes”? If you want to create your own by using powerpoint? Please use this tutorial (template available on the training portal): Tutorial: Make Your Own Slider Banner >> 
  • News Items: Remove all outdated news posts. Post a   MINIMUM of 3   new posts with a thumbnail photo for each.
    • For example: School Supply Lists, New Staff, New Bell Schedules, a welcome to the new year message from admin or staff, where to locate school calendars or newsletters (with links of course), advertise your school’s app!
    • Tutorial: New News Article Thumbnails >> 
    • See the buttons below for a folder of free icons you can use as well as news articles! If you have any ideas or needs, send them my way! I will always be updating.
  • Check Parent & Popular Links: Make sure they work or add/delete any that are not relevant. You have access to edit these as components on your homepage!

News Article Content >>
Folder of free icons / news thumbnails >>


  • About Us: Must be up to date and current with at least 1 photo.
  • Principal’s Message: Must be up to date. No “page under construction” messages allowed! Please add a photo of the principal or staff to warm up the page.
  • Our Staff: We still don’t have the ability to use the automated system. Please make sure ALL staff is as up to date as possible. If you are looking to redo your staff page, please use the tutorial & template below that I've recently created!
  • Bell Schedule/PE Schedules: Must be up to date/current. 
    •  Best Practice:   Type out the bell schedule into a text component. Add the PDF official version to a downloads component with the RTF as well.
  • Calendars/Newsletters: Write a description of your Calendars or Newsletters in a text window on the web page about how often these come out and what kind of events or information parents can expect to find on these pages as well as the downloads component for PDF files.
  • Fall Sports: This is the most upcoming sports page. Please include a description, any available schedules/permission slips/ forms as well as coaches for each sport with a hyperlink to their email addresses.
  • Any other blank or lacking pages! Please ensure that there is NO outdated content on your website and avoid using “under construction”. If a page is no longer required on your website, please email me to review or remove the page.
Staff Page Tutorial & Template >>


Thumbnail Folder!

I've created a Google folder of thumbnails, icons and images that can be used in your News section of the website! I will continue to add to this throughout the year so please feel free to download the images or email me any you'd like added!
Folder of free icons / news thumbnails >>


eSVShare is up and running! This is a place for your principal or deputy principal to post to the website and app without having to know all the ins and outs of logging in and editing the website.
  • These posts will be located above School News for Elementary layouts and beneath Popular Links on HS/Intermediate layouts.
  • Who has access to this app?
    • Principals, High School DPs, Area Superintendents and the Digital Communications Team. 
    • We are limiting the app to these people only due to the power it holds.
Webinar Sign Up >>

For questions or help:
(559) 327-9031
(559) 327-9117