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Hello from India! 🇮🇳 After many years, I've finally made my first trip to India. I've been here meeting with our partners. The agenda has been very busy. Seven flights 🛫 Minneapolis (MSP) → Paris (CDG) → Delhi (DEL) → Hyderabad (HYD) → Pune (PNQ) → Delhi (DEL) → Amsterdam (AMS) → Minneapolis (MSP) 🛬 in nine days is a new record for me. 🏆 Overall I felt pretty good, even with all the travel, and managed the jet lag without too much impact.

India has been an amazing time. It has been much easier to get around than I expected. People have been very nice and most people speak very good English. It’s amazing to see a country in the midst of so many changes. Standing in one spot you can see tech workers in large, air conditioned campuses, along with street vendors, beat up rickshaws and animals wandering the streets. 🐂 I’ve always been fascinated with India and it’s culture, economy and geography, and now I’m even more intrigued.

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A small Hindu Temple in the Midnight Bazaar.

Mar 6, 2018 at 6:48 AM
Kondapur Main Road, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, India

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Friday @ 5:13 PM


Friday @ 1:16 PM

Delicious Indian lunch at Haldirams in Noida. The Cholley Bhature was amazing!

Friday @ 5:33 AM

Time to leave Pune and fly 🛫 to Delhi. We’ll have a half-day of meetings in Noida and then 🚙 drive to Agra tonight for a fun day on Saturday, before heading back home on Sunday. 🏠

Thursday @ 11:11 PM

I got schooled today in ping pong 🏓 . Next time I need to practice up before I come to visit.

Thursday @ 11:10 PM

We had an amazing day today with #TeamSPS in Pune! It was fabulous to meet everyone! 🤝

Thursday @ 11:08 PM

We got to celebrate International Women’s Day while in Pune with Bristlecone. It was an honor to get to celebrate with everyone and even say a few words. It was fabulous to see so many women working in technology here! 👏🏻

Thursday @ 11:05 PM

Kent, Amy and I took a moment to prove that everyone looks dorky in a VR headset. 👀😬

Thursday @ 11:03 PM

Nice welcome from our partners at Bristlecone!

Thursday @ 11:01 PM

Bristlecone welcomed us to the Pune office with this amazing sand art in the lobby! Wow! 👏🏻

Wednesday @ 6:20 PM

Next leg of India trip starting. Had a fabulous time In Hyderabad. Now boarding Air India 🛫 to our next destination, Pune! 🇮🇳

Wednesday @ 6:06 PM

Suggestion: if your store is named Helvetica, maybe use the Helvetica typeface? 😏

Wednesday @ 6:05 PM

Fabulous visit to Indmax #TeamSPS in Hyderabad. Thank you for the warm welcome and great questions! 🇮🇳

Wednesday @ 9:06 AM

Miniature temple in Hyderabad.

Wednesday @ 9:01 AM

Fabulous evening at Taj Falaknuma Palace. Amazing palace and very good dinner at Adaa.

Tuesday @ 6:57 PM

Visiting Midnight Bazaar in Hyderabad.

Tuesday @ 5:43 PM

Beautiful collection of roses. 🌹

Tuesday @ 5:31 PM

A very warm and generous welcome to Hyderabad from our partners at Indmax. 🙏

Tuesday @ 5:18 PM

Finished great town hall with our partner Indmax #TeamSPS in Hyderabad! Also video to our Coimbatore team! So great to meet everyone! 🤝

Tuesday @ 9:41 AM

Starting second leg of India 🇮🇳 trip with flight to Hyderabad! ✈️

Tuesday @ 12:11 AM

Nice evening of good food and conversation with Bristlecone team.

Monday @ 6:33 PM

Cool candle display at Taj Hotel in New Delhi.

Monday @ 5:45 PM

Traffic in Delhi and Noida is “up close” and personal.

Monday @ 5:30 PM

Had a very good visit to HCL today. Impressive capabilities and people!

Monday @ 2:08 AM

Amy, Kent and I got a warm welcome from our partners at Bristlecone after 20 hours of traveling and arriving in Delhi at 1am.

Monday @ 2:07 AM

The customs hall at the Delhi airport has some cool artistic touches.

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