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This was one of those weeks that goes by so fast it was hard to even see the blurred images as they went by. The week started with recognizing the Mom's, onto a very busy week of activities, and I took off today with my brother for a weekend in Chicago! This weeks intro is going to be a little light so I can get some sleep. 😴


Featured Links 🏅

Supply-Chain Security - Schneier on Security

Schneier does a good job of illustrating just how hard (maybe impossible) it is to insure that the software-based devices that run much of our infrastructure and services have not been tampered with for security purposes. One of the very believable items shared in the Snowden papers was that the NSA can install a backdoor in US-made network gear before it is sent overseas. There isn't a clear answer to this issue.


Map of Metal

This is amazing! 🤟 My metal residency lies squarely in Thrash Metal according to this map, and some side trips to Industrial Metal. 🎧 That makes sense with Speed Metal and Original Hardcore Punk being the contributors to Thrash. Independent of the content this is incredibly well done way to present a complex topic. I love how it embeds YouTube videos for the songs too. Also note how time is represented so well! 👍👏


Is GraphQL The Future? - Artsy Engineering

A call to consider GraphQL in a bigger-picture context.

It lets you model the resources and processes provided by a server as a domain-specific language (DSL). Clients can use it to send scripts written in your DSL to the server to process and respond to as a batch.

I hadn't considered the connections the author is making here, but they seem valid and extend the way you can build on GraphQL in very novel ways.


You Can’t Handle the Truth About Facebook Ads, New Harvard Study Shows

Interesting study suggesting the ads become less effective when people understand the data tracking informing the ad. As I read this I wondered if this is maybe the same part of our decision process that turns people away from foods that have “imitation” or “artificial” prominent in the packaging. Do we see overly complex delivery systems as not being genuine?

Also, I’m so tired of ad industry representatives justifying a complete disregard of privacy and intrusive surveillance tactics under the guise of “people want relevant advertising”. This is a poorly formed bit of verbal jujitsu to get us to try and think people want to be surveilled?


My Weekly Photo 📷

Minnesota United getting ready to play the San Jose Earthquakes. ⚽️

May 12, 2018 at 1:08 PM
TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis MN


Notable Links 📌

What’s In My Day One (2018 Edition) – The Sweet Setup

I really like Day One and this article has some great use cases for how to use Day One for a variety of different journal types.



If you use Safari on macOS and are bugged with certain websites blocking default behavior, this is a fix.

StopTheMadness is a Safari extension for Mac that stops web sites from making Safari harder to use. Some web sites disable Mac user interface features in Safari that you normally expect to work.

Purchased and installed. ✔


On Gaming & the Breath of the Wild •

A good essay on gaming, family and kids. I liked the perspective and agree with the platform and game choices discussed.


Morning Cup of Coding — Human Readable

This newsletter caught my eye. The first few issues have impressed me with how well they are executed.

Morning Cup of Coding is a daily programming newsletter featuring long form technical articles of all fields of software engineering.

Subscribed! 📩


I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore

Let's make the Internet weird again.


Incident Response: 6 Best Practices for the Modern Enterprise | PagerDuty

As more companies use technology at their core, adopting well defined and thought out incident management processes becomes a skill that more organizations need.


My thoughts on OmniFocus 2 versus 3 -

I use OmniFocus all the time and I’m very eager to get my hands on the new OmniFocus 3!


Some Thoughts on Google Photos vs Apple Photos – Om on Tech

I don't use Google Photos for the same reasons Om sites in this article. I join him In hoping for some improvements in the Apple software side for photos.


The Curious Brain (Why Curiosity is as Important as Intelligence)

Instilling curiosity in your kids is one of the best gifts you can give them.


FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self

What a cool idea -- a service that allows you to send yourself an email in the future! I can think of a number of cool uses for this. It does make me wonder though, how do you have trust that this service will still be around in 5 years? You can set future dates very far out.


Principles by Ray Dalio

I have the audiobook of Principles in my queue. This new 30-minute video overview is very well done. Ray Dalio is an impressive storyteller.


Give Back 🎁

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit. All connections to web servers should be encrypted! The biggest challenge with encrypting the web historically has been the cost and hassle of getting an SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt has changed that entirely by being a free certificate authority. Let's Encrypt is possibly one of the most important things to happen on the web in recent years. Donate to Let's Encrypt today!


Yet More Links 🍞


Microposts 🎈

Wednesday @ 5:02 PM

Time for some fun socializing for #TeamSPS at #SPSTechJam! 🍻


Wednesday @ 4:36 PM

Not sure about the @optimuspaul sticker in the lower right. 😳


Wednesday @ 4:26 PM

Another great #TeamSPS #SPSTechJam! Wonderful topics, great speakers and an amazing team! 🙌🏆


Wednesday @ 4:07 PM

“At SPS it might be Kube or Kubb!” Kelly Hamm at SumoLogic knows #TeamSPS — and thanks for the Kubb set!


Wednesday @ 3:07 PM

I left my iPad at my seat while stepping away and #TeamSPS security was on the job with a good reminder! 🔐


Wednesday @ 3:02 PM

Women in Tech sharing with #TeamSPS the great work they are leading! 🙌🏆 #SPSTechJam


Wednesday @ 1:55 PM

Afternoon sessions for #SPSTechJam. 🙌🏆


Wednesday @ 11:40 AM

Evolutionary architecture, Kotlin, and GraphQL. Great 2nd half of the morning at #SPSTechJam! 🙌🏆


Wednesday @ 11:29 AM

Today we have people from United States 🇺🇸 (multiple cities), Ukraine 🇺🇦, Canada 🇨🇦, India 🇮🇳 and Bulgaria 🇧🇬 with #TeamSPS and partners here in Minneapolis. Global! 🌏


Wednesday @ 10:27 AM

Great #TeamSPS speakers at #SPSTechJam! Thank you for sharing! 🙌🏆


Wednesday @ 8:52 AM

Bridget Kromhout @bridgetkromhout getting #SPSTechJam started off! Computers are easy, people are hard! 👏


Wednesday @ 8:49 AM

A huge thank you to the #TeamSPS TechJam event organizers! 👏 Your passion and drive make us a better team! #SPSTechJam


Wednesday @ 7:11 AM

Today is our annual #TeamSPS TechJam event bringing the global SPS technology team together to learn, share, and have fun. The agenda is packed with over two dozen presenters. Automation, GraphQL, Containers, Architecture and more on the agenda! 🙌🏆 #SPSTechJam


Tuesday @ 6:51 PM

Hanging out with the amazing @bridgetkromhout (website) at our #SPSTechJam speaker dinner! Looking forward to a day of learning and exploration tomorrow with Bridget kicking it off! 🙌🏆


Sunday @ 7:40 PM

Happy Mother’s Day 2018 to my awesome mom!


Sunday @ 6:53 PM

Enjoying a delicious Westvleteren 12 — voted best beer in the world! Wow! 🍺


Sunday @ 5:44 PM

Surly Hopshifter IPA. Awesome! 🍺


Sunday @ 5:42 PM

Mothers Day 2018!


Sunday @ 9:52 AM

Learned that you cannot make whipped cream in an ice cream maker bowl. 🤦🏼‍♂️


Saturday @ 9:42 PM

I like the augmented memory effect I get when adding a link to Pinboard and it tells me I previously saved the link – multiple years ago. 🤓


Saturday @ 3:06 PM

SJ Quakes - remember to send a nice Thank You to the Yellow Team for the win. Next time #MNUFC! ⚽️😡


Saturday @ 1:36 PM

Gorgeous goal from Ramirez to bring #MNUFC to 1-1 with SJ. ⚽️ Yellow team is horrible.


Saturday @ 1:13 PM

Goal for the Yellow Team to give San Jose early lead! 😡⚽️ #MNUFC


Saturday @ 1:12 PM

MN United #MNUFC game time! ⚽️


Saturday @ 12:23 PM

Ready for MN United game! ⚽️👏🏻


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