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The Weekly Thing was highlighted in the April 13th issue of Noticing, the new newsletter from, along with a number of other blogs and newsletters. 🙌 It was awesome to be included, and it resulted in a bunch of new subscribers discovering the Weekly Thing! To all the new folks here, welcome to this weekly summary of new content, apps, books and many other "things" of interest! 👍 Grab a coffee ☕️ and look around a bit.

I'm trying something new this week with the links. ⚡️ When I first started publishing the Weekly Thing I shared all links with commentary. Later I started putting them in groups based on content. This week I'm trying something new with three sections of links. Featured links 🏅 are a handful of links that I really liked in the week and am highlighting above everything else. The Links 📌 are in a list with commentary, and I've removed the groupings. Too often groups only had a single link. Breadcrumbs 🍞 shows links that were of interest to me but these are just a list. I hope this gives people that would like a couple things to focus on the featured links, and those that want to dive into all the deep tracks can dig in as far as they want. I would love to hear if you find this useful. 😎

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Minnebar 13

Recap of my day at Minnebar 13.

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My favorite picture from the last week.

People enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden

Apr 18, 2018 at 9:26 AM
Kiev, Ukraine

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The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge. The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia, a top-ten internet property. Donate to Wikimedia today!

App 📱

1Blocker X

by Salavat Khanov

Fast and secure Safari content blocker that improves browsing experience by blocking unwanted content and protecting you from trackers.

1Blocker has been my ad blocker and privacy tool of choice for Safari on iOS and macOS. 1Blocker X is a rethink of 1Blocker with new capabilities. This was an instant buy for me. Highly recommended.

Status 🎈

These are my small updates shared on my microblog last week.

Friday @ 4:34 PM

I always feel a little defensive for Minneapolis when I have to pick “America/Chicago” from a list populated by the tz database. ✊

Friday @ 8:35 AM

St Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Friday @ 8:11 AM


Friday @ 4:27 AM

Time to head home! Successful 8th trip to Kyiv to visit #TeamSPS! 🛫

Friday @ 4:15 AM

Just preordered 1Blocker X. I rely on 1Blocker to keep me protected on the web. I use it on all my devices.

Friday @ 3:52 AM

I’ve never understood why people wrap their luggage. I see this mostly on international travel. Turns out it’s mainly to prevent tampering! Why would you wrap your luggage in plastic?

Thursday @ 6:07 PM

Great Georgian dinner at Gogi with our Kyiv leadership team. 😊

Thursday @ 4:50 PM

My collection of travel cables is bonkers. 😬

Thursday @ 6:51 AM

Morning in Kiev, Ukraine.

Wednesday @ 8:26 AM

Cherry Blossoms at Botanical Garden in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tuesday @ 10:08 AM

Remember headphone cables? Those were bothersome.

Tuesday @ 8:42 AM

Sunrise draping through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning.

Monday @ 10:56 PM

Heading to Kiev to visit #TeamSPS! ✈️ MSP - CDG - KBP

Monday @ 5:15 AM

Enjoyed Darkest Hour. 🎬

Monday @ 12:10 AM

🌨 It is still snowing in Minneapolis. 🤦‍♂️ I am flying to Ukraine 🇺🇦 tomorrow and will be enjoying the actual Spring weather!

Sunday @ 7:22 PM

Model trains are always fun. Tyler and I are running the train yard today. Z-Scale is hard though.

Sunday @ 7:01 PM

Snow day seems like a good day to get the Z-Scale train out.

Sunday @ 6:59 PM

Cleared three neighbors driveways out with my snowblower. Building karma points today. 👍🏻

Sunday @ 4:52 PM

With all the amazing capabilities of the iPhone camera system, it still can’t expose snow properly. I have to up the exposure on all of them. Perhaps Apple needs some camera engineers that don’t live in California.

Sunday @ 4:47 PM

Well over a foot of snow to deal this morning. Heavy too with the warm temperatures recently. Had to go at the slowest speed.

Sunday @ 1:03 AM

My friend @dangrigsby is newly on — you should follow him! 👍

Sunday @ 1:02 AM

Planning to just let the snow keep falling, and get completely snowed in until tomorrow morning, then I’ll get the snowblower out. Seems like time for family movie night! 🍿

Sunday @ 12:07 AM

Minnebar lunch panorama.

Sunday @ 12:05 AM

People flying their drones through VR goggles looks kind of creepy. 😬

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