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It was "Spring" Break this week, and I put Spring in parenthesis due to significantly below average temperatures here for the last week. ❄️ We split our week away between the Wisconsin Dells 💦 and Chicago 🎭. We had a great time doing water park things in the Dells and then seeing museums and culture in Chicago.

We saw Hamilton, and before you ask, yes it was amazing. 😲 I've never been moved by a musical like that. I instantly wanted to see it again. 🎟 It helped that we had listened to the soundtrack and new most of the songs, 🎶 although seeing the production connected a lot of dots in the story. Everyone liked it a lot. If you get a chance to go, it's worth shelling out some extra cash 💸 to see.

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The Chicago Cloud Gate in Millennium Park.

Apr 5, 2018 at 10:43 AM
Millennium Park, Chicago IL

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Status 🎈

Friday @ 9:02 PM

“You can find us on Twitter, Safari and Duck Duck Goose.” — my kids introducing their circus acts Internet presence 🤣

Friday @ 7:50 PM

Went to setup Cloudflare’s new DNS service and it looks like Eero Plus must work in part using DNS as well. Seems I cannot have Eero Plus and use 🤔

Friday @ 7:45 PM

Visited the Michigan Avenue Apple Store when we were in Chicago. Amazing architecture. The building feels invisible.

Friday @ 7:40 PM

Family selfie from the top of the John Hancock Tower.

Friday @ 7:39 PM

The view from the 360 Chicago deck on the John Hancock Tower was incredible.

Friday @ 7:35 PM

The Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago are incredible. You can find detail in each one over and over.

Friday @ 2:28 PM

Chicago Cloud Gate.

Friday @ 2:27 PM

Inside the Chicago Cloud Gate.

Friday @ 2:26 PM

Chicago Cloud Gate sculpture.

Wednesday @ 8:53 PM


Wednesday @ 1:16 PM

Time for Hamilton! 🎭🎶

Wednesday @ 11:52 AM

Willis Tower.

Wednesday @ 10:58 AM

$1 million three different ways ($1, $20, and $100 bills) at Chicago Fed Money Museum.

Wednesday @ 9:38 AM

Delicious espresso at Caffe Umbria this morning.

Tuesday @ 8:34 PM

Array of 3D printers at Museum of Science & Industry.

Tuesday @ 8:32 PM

I love watching the Tesla coil at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Tuesday @ 8:26 PM

Tammy has our summer vacations planned out for the next 5 years. Now that is planning!

Monday @ 6:49 PM

Forty minute wait for deep dish? Sure.

Monday @ 4:24 PM

Ready for Sharks 4D movie at Shedd Aquarium!

Monday @ 1:04 PM

Delicious unfiltered Foiken Haze New England IPA at ERIS Brewery and Cider House. 🍻

Sunday @ 8:11 PM

We had a blast at Wizard Quest today and completed our challenge with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating! This was a really fun time for everyone.

Sunday @ 8:07 PM

We won “The Circus” room at D.O.A. Room Escape today with a few minutes to spare! It was fun to do a room where the kids led the way! 👍🏻

Sunday @ 10:03 AM

Listicles” turned into slide shows should be considered Adware.

Saturday @ 9:46 PM

We had a great time at the Rick Wilcox Magic Show tonight! 🎩 I got to go onstage for one of the segments! 👍🏻 The kids got signatures at the end.

Saturday @ 5:53 PM

Dinner at Moosejaw Pizza & Brewing. 🍽

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