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I returned from my India 🇮🇳 travels on Sunday afternoon, and then began to experience the worst jet lag ✈️, and pure exhaustion, I've ever had. 😴 It took until Thursday for me to stabalize back into something resembling a normal routine. I had a good trip, and will definitely be back, probably in the Fall.

This week marked π day as well. We celebrated at the office and at home. At the office we had 70 pies delivered 🥧, and they were gone plenty fast. At home Tammy continued the tradition of making double pie dinner with Chicken Pot Pie and a cream pie for desert. 🤤

Photo 📷

Before leaving India we took a fun trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. In pictures the Taj Mahal often looks like a painting. It looks like that in person to. It was a spectacular palace to see.

Mar 9, 2018 at 9:10 PM
Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

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WikiTribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together. WikiTribune just got funded and I became a backer. I've been impressed with Wikipedia and am excited about Jimmy Wales and team focusing on the news ecosystem. I am very curious to see how they realize these objectives. I've previously thought about how news can be reinvented. I focused more on the open source model instead of wiki, but either way I feel like a fundamental rethink is possible! Let's see how they tackle this. Become a supporter today!

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Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

I keep finding more uses for Workflow. The Weekly Thing newsletter is built using Workflow, and I've now found dozens of other routine tasks both at work and at home that I have automated with Workflow. It's great for crafting patterned emails, and integrating data from inside iOS. This app can be hard to get started with, but it will pay off if you put the time to learn it.

Free 4.5/5 stars

Status 🎈

Thursday @ 5:50 PM

My dog Chase got some teeth pulled today and he’s really not pleased about it. 🙁

Thursday @ 5:48 PM

Was great to catch up today with friends and MarketWatch colleagues Anna Klombies and Jim Bernard.

Wednesday @ 3:37 PM

2018 π day shirt!

Wednesday @ 3:12 PM

🥧 #TeamSPS getting reading to celebrate π day!

Sunday @ 4:10 AM

Had a nice layover in Amsterdam. ✈️ Now flipped my clocks back to central time and am looking forward to 🛬 back home. 🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Saturday @ 4:05 PM

Starting flights home from India! 🛫 Delhi (DEL) → Amsterdam (AMS) → Minneapolis (MSP) 🛬 Depart at 3:15 AM. 🤪

Saturday @ 3:57 AM

Snake charmer. 🐍

Saturday @ 3:56 AM

Had a wonderful visit to the Taj Mahal this morning. Amazing palace.

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