Hi to all out there in Mac land

What an incredible first three weeks it's been! I've met some truly extraordinary people. I'm happy to say that with one or two small exceptions (hardware related) I've been able to resolve over thirty Mac issues so far and am loving my role as the new Mr Mac. I'm also open to suggestions for content with the newsletter - if there's anything in particular you'd like to know about, please message me.  Keep 'em coming! I love a challenge...  

All the best from Dave aka "The New Mr Mac"

In the meantime, I want to mention a couple of important announcements that have come out of the last few weeks:
You may have seen that Apple made a fairly big announcement recently. Basically they want to take on Netflix and any other Media upstart and beat them at their own game. It Have a listen to the ABC Listen Podcast titled 'Apple TV+ takes on Netflix':

The podcast also discusses Apple's plans to fine tune it's 'Apple Pay' system with the introduction of their own credit card. Feeling confused? I am. I thought Apple was a computer company. What would Steve Jobs be thinking?
And now for the cool stuff:
If you're interested in any rumours about the upcoming MacBook Pro and other possibilities, check this link out:
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