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Congratulations for becoming part of an ethical fashion movement in New Zealand!! Give yourself a pat on the back – downloading the Ethical Fashion Guide from Tearfund was a great move on your part. It means you are ready to embrace better fashion, and that is exciting.

But, first things first: Hi! I’m Frederique. Since you’ve signed up to the Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Fashion, you’ll be hearing from me regularly for the next little while. So, let me tell you a little bit about my journey.

Like you, I have an interest in fashion. What I wear is important to who I am, how I feel, and identifying with other people. But more than that, as someone working in the media in Auckland, I always wanted to be on trend, in fashion and looking good.

This made me somewhat of a shopping addict, yet most of the time I still didn’t feel entirely happy with how I looked. Not only that, I had a very strong sense that something wasn’t right with the world of fashion – how was it possible to buy clothes for so little so often? Those bargains were just too good to be true.

I moved South to Queenstown, and went back to university as a distance student. It was while researching for an assignment, that I came “face-to-face” with the true cost of fast fashion. What I found along my academic virtual travels really upset me – sweat shop factories, toxic dyes, child labour, completely unsafe working conditions, you name it, it was all there. I just thought to myself, this is so unfair, and so unnecessary.

When I started looking for ethical and sustainable clothing brands I found them to be limited and just unattractive to me. It seemed that you were either into fashion or into ethics/sustainability. But I knew there must be more people like me, who care about fashion as much as they care about ethics.

Turns out, there are plenty of awesome ethical fashion brands out there, and the industry is growing every day. The desire by New Zealanders such as you and me to be more ethical with our purchases is changing the fashion industry to be more caring and careful about how they make the clothes we wear. Just look at the Tearfund’s Ethical Fashion Guide – there’s a lot to be really positive about. I can tell you that some of those brands with a B or C rating would have come in well below those grades a few years ago.

So, you see, you’re becoming part of a growing demand for good clothing – clothing that is fairly-made for starters! Just being here now is making a difference, and you are one of 6000 Kiwis that downloaded the Guide.

I am looking forward to taking your further on your journey to discover your ethical style with answers to frequently asked questions, tips and links along the way.


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