The green bud waiting to burst forth. 
Tarot card of the Month
In honor of April, it just has to be the Fool. Here is the one that sends us on those unexpected journeys and pushes at our self-seriousness. "Lighten up, take a breath, try something new, go ahead and make the leap." Are you feeling heavy, bored, out of synch with life? Use the Fool's wisdom to shake it up a bit. 
This morning I am sitting down at the computer to begin, again, a conversation, with you, my dear tribe. It has been such a long time, this winter of no writing and waiting and letting certain things hibernate and other things die away. And, at the same time other demands called out for more of my time and energies.

A winter that has lasted for more than a season of winter - and yet, what is most certain is that even the very long winters do eventually give way to spring. The sun climbs higher, the ice begins to break up, the last of the dirty snow patches melt away.  We reach up and out to life or maybe, life reaches down to us and gives us a nudge out of the den. This is me reaching back out to you with just this. Wherever you are in the seasons of your life there are always moments of spring - even in the deepest of winters.

What one small seed are you holding in your heart that perhaps is longing to send out a shoot of green life? Even in the midst of your busy and demanding lives, which many days takes all of your resources just to tend what is right in front of you, even then, there is that small seed being held in the dark, waiting to burst forth. 

If you feel as if you can not possibly imagine what seeds your heart might be holding or if you would just like a quiet place to be, where what is in you waiting to spring forth can be seen, contact me for a session. It is my heart work to offer all who come and sit in this space with me a place to be seen and heard in the deepest way possible.

Kate Greenway
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