Greetings Seeker,

One of those days... you know, when you have a plan and then some glitch comes along and there goes the plan.

I had this whole other newsletter to you almost all done, all I needed was to scan in my two images to finish. And then, the brand new printer was no longer being recognized by the brand new computer. (It all worked a week ago!)  After several futile attempts trying to fix the problem, my phone rang, saving both devices from some untimely wall bashing. 

A last minute request for two readings that my schedule allowed. 

An hour later two lovely women were sitting in my room with a pot of tea. I had quickly shuffled the two cards I was trying to scan back into the deck before handing the deck to the first woman. She shuffled, I laid out the cards - there were the two cards, Ace of Cups and 9 of Swords at the top and bottom of the spread! 

I have a very personal feeling about these images, they have been my companions for 30 years and seeing these two come out was like, "Hey, we are here - don't give up. Your message needs to get out there." 

Ok. Here's the short version of the message. Don't give up on what you are longing for, even when the old fears and anxieties come popping up out of the closet. (9 of swords) Because when we want something - even if the longing hasn't taken full form, when it is still a seed, there is a tender vulnerability in us. And that is when the closet door pops open. Too often we will get caught, like that woman in her bed, feeling overwhelmed by all the old bad thoughts/past sorrows/free floating anxieties and be totally stopped because it just feels so hard to move in any direction. 

What is needed? The Ace of Cups in this moment - a woman diving in open armed to receive the gift of self love, self compassion. Water washes away and refreshes us. When it gets to that 9 of swords hard place, go to water. Literally -  take a bath or shower, walk by one of our many beautiful lakes, creeks, rivers and even better swish your hands in the water imagining all that is scared, hard, overwhelmed in you washing away. Water's gift to us is to bring us back to our essential self, renewed. All is well. 

As for the technology failure, well that too will be fixed and I will get this all off the ground to my satisfaction. For now I included links to the two images. 

If that hard place becomes a bit too much "9 of swords" don't hesitate to reach out for help, quite often I can get you in within 48 hours - #612-823-4315 or email Kate.








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