In today's economy, there is very little for FREE. Reach up-to 2000 Clients or Potential Customers FREE FOR EVER.
Dear TRIColor Client,
In today's economy, there is very little for FREE. We are offering you the opportunity to reach anyone, anywhere, up-to 2000 Clients or Potential Customers FREE FOR EVER.

E-Mail Marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can use to inform clients and prospects of your products and services. If you're missing this very important piece in your marketing plan, this is your opportunity. TRIColor will create a FREE FOR EVER E-Mail Marketing Account for you, teach you how to manage it, create and send E-Mail Blasts, view and interpret reports.

Wouldn't it be nice to know...

Who OPENED or DID NOT OPEN your Marketing E-Mail
WHERE (Country & City) and WHEN (Time & Date) it was opened
Which LINKS where VISITED and how often
How your STATISTICS compare to your specific industry
and many other features...
What do you get for FREE FOR EVER?

A Major Marketing E-Mail Account  •  FREE, No Monthly Payments
Up-to 12,000 E-Mails per Month  •  Up-to 2,000 Recipients  •  Manageable Lists
Extensive Reports  • Goggle Analytics Support  •  Social Networks Support
TRIColor's Personal Tutorial and Customer Support and More...

The above mentioned, FREE FOR EVER Special Offer, is only valid with the purchase of
any of TRIColor's affordable Marketing E-Mail Design Packages. Please review the packages
below and find the one that best fits your company's specific needs. Please Contact Us
if you need any further information about this or any other TRIColor offer.
Business Package

Your choice of Templates. Design includes Header, Footer And Body, FREE Account Set-Up and Managing Tutorial, FREE Stock Photo and Basic Image Design...224.95
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Start-Up Marketing
E-Mail Package

Single Use, One-Time E-Mail Blast for up-to 75 recipients.
Starting at...149.95
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NOTE: This offer is not part of the above advertised Special Offer
Business Package

Custom Template Specifically Designed and Developed for your business using a major E-Mail Marketing Platform, FREE Account Set-Up & Managing Tutorial, FREE Stock Photo and Basic Image Design...308.95
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Proprietary Marketing
E-Mail Application

Custom Developed and Specifically Designed for your business. A Web Application that may be hosted on your server or on-line, giving you complete control and NO monthly fees EVER, Up-to 5 FREE Stock Images included...926.95
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As we are a Full-Service Design, Marketing and Advertising firm, we can also provide anything else you may require. There is no need to use different companies for different jobs and try to keep track of all of them. The bottom line, consolidating jobs will save you money. We encourage you to bundle products or services together and request special pricing. Do not hesitate to Contact Us for a quote or if you have any questions or concerns.  Let us take your business to the next level.
We welcome competitors quotes and try to beat or at least mach
their advertised prices on comparable items.

Our main goal is to help your business take off with a bang and stay profitable and updated by making high-end design, marketing and printing attainable. TRIColor’s products and services are uniquely designed to your specific needs. We do not use templates or clip art.  Satisfaction is always guaranteed. Your job is not finished until you are completely satisfied.

TRIColor Productions, Inc.

"Our objective is to help you achieve yours"

Our mission is to make High-End Design, Marketing, Printing and Advertising attainable by everyone. We strive not only to fulfill each of our clients immediate needs, but also create lasting solutions. At TRIColor Productions, Inc. our primary objective is to help you achieve yours.

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