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"Believing is Seeing"

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Golf: The Hole Story

A trailer for a fabulous upcoming feature film, "GOLF: The Hole Story," (to be released in December, 2013) by LA film producer Erik Anders Lang featuring interviews with Tour players and officials, golf course architects, actors, and a host of others including Tim N. Kremer of Spirit of Golf (click above). To "Like" this movie trailer on Facebook, click here.


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January 27, 2013

We cannot perform at a level higher than how we imagine ourselves in relation to our games. The imagination process – with us included in the picture – must happen first.  Otherwise, performance plateaus, we work harder and longer, and then wonder why we are not seeing improved results.  We often give great lip service to our level of confidence as we practice and play, but without a deeper and improved sense of self, the evidence of improvement cannot sustain itself for very long.

Dallas, TX - August, 2012 
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Stuart, FL - February 2 - Full-Day Short Game School (for pros and low-handicap amateurs - only a few spots remain) 

Denver, CO - August 20 - LPGA Teaching and Coaching Summit - Closing Speaker (details to follow)

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