Practical advice and stories on how to be a more effective rebel in the workplace.
Dear Rebel Thinkers:
There's change and restlessness in the air.  More and more people starting to speak up and say, "what if."  At the same time we're hearing  that as work becomes
more difficult (budget cuts, slowing revenues, new regulations), defenders of the status quo are making it even more difficult for rebels.    

There are no methodologies or "best practices" for being a rebel, but there is a lot of wisdom in the world from people who are succeeding at making change happen.  Here are some ideas to consider, and a little lightness.

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Lois and Carmen

Recent Rebels at Work posts
No place for rebels
The August "Vanity Fair"  features one of the most insightful stories of corporate culture gone wrong, "Microsoft's Lost Decade" by Kurt Echenwald. The sad and stunning tale is a rebel's nightmare -- executives clinging to the status quo and holding on to outdated views, rewarding internal competition instead of internal collaboration to compete with the market, and performance systems like organizational rankings that fostered destructive corporate politics and bureaucracy. A great piece of journalism and warning signals for rebels. 

We knew there was a reason we liked Clash
What can businesses learn from punk music.  Check out this BBC story on The Academy of Rock. 

Code: we don't like your idea
When executives ask these questions it's code for not wanting to change anything says author Peter Block. (Here's the link to the full post.)
  1. How long will this take?
  2. How will you take this to scale?
  3. Can you show me your hard measures for what is going on?
  4. How did you do your benchmarking?
  5. Can we front load this with 6 months of planning?

Next Generation of Government Conference: Rebel Highlights
Here's a live blog summary of Carmen's presentation,  "Corporate Rebel: How to be an Intrapreneur within government.

For your rebel playlist consideration
  • "Rebel, Rebel" from Jimmy Cliff's new reggae CD, "Rebirth" (Completely different from Bowie's Rebel, Rebel.)
  • "Maria" from Patti Smith's new CD "Banga." (Love a person who keeps creating and innovating, staying true to oneself.)
  • "Dancing in the Street" by Martha & The Vandellas. (For the joyful optimist in us. And it's summer!)
The difference between positive and negative rebels
Several people have asked for this chart. Here it is. Feel free to use in your work!

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