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Do you love to sing? How about eat? Do you want to spend meaningful time with others? A small group is being formed and hosted by Dan and Candis O'Rear. We will meet to share our stories about music in our lives and learn to perform songs that we will share with the congregation during worship. The format will be three rehearsal meetings during which we will learn one song then share it in worship the following Sunday. All ages and all levels of experience are invited. Do you have an instrument you haven't played in years? Bring it along and relearn what fun you can have. Love to sing but don't know how to read music? No problem. The group will help you learn a part. The purpose of this group is not to create a performance piece, it is to enjoy the process of making music in fellowship and sharing it with others. Interested? Talk to Dan or Candis, or drop us an email at The first meeting will take place on August 17, at 7:00 PM at the O’Rear’s.
We have selected Mountain Construction, a General Contractor that specializes in church remodeling projects and will be working with them to finalize the phase one remodeling plan. The plan, which will be presented for approval to Session at the October meeting, will include a detailed list of work, a "not-to-exceed" cost estimate, and a construction schedule.
There will be opportunities for you to learn about the plan and provide input to this process. 
  • August 14th— Moment for Mission
  • August 28th—-Aftertalk: Q&A on the Phase One Plan
  • Week of August 28th—Interior Design Meeting
The Building Team is also holding meetings with groups that use the building, to ensure their questions are answered and to understand how to minimize the impacts of the remodeling on their activities. If you have additional questions be sure to join in these discussions or contact  anyone on the Building Team: Patti Warden, Bob Seel, Frank Sickinger, Mike Dittmar, Dan Clawson, or Dan O’Rear.
On behalf of the youth at St. Andrew I want to say thank you to all who helped with Rent-a-Teen. We had many jobs that required some good weed pulling hands, organizing hands, and chopping hands.  The youth always have a great time coming out to your personal home to help our St. Andrew family out.  

The Rent-a-Teen brought in over $500 dollars in donations.  Also thank you to Pat Sharpe who was our coordinator and to Pattie and Steve who were willing to help out on a job!
Along with this, we ran the first St. Andrew Presbytery Pentecost Offering.  This special offering took place in May. With the collection of offerings, St. Andrew was able to keep 40% of the funds for youth ministries.

With all the funds raised we had about $1,200 to put towards Will and Megan’s youth trip to Triennium at Perdue University.  The portion we needed to raise for Will and Megan was about $800, so we will roll over the remaining amount for our next youth mission trip. 

God Bless,
The St. Andrew Youth
Maggie Breen

Aftertalk has been a place for us to take the things we are experiencing in worship and what we are uncovering about our call as God’s people, and figure out how to work it into our lives together. It’s a place for sharing and conversation. Invariably when I have attended I leave with a new understanding of someone’s story and gifts, and a new understanding about God’s work in my own life. 

We held a special summer Aftertalk on July 24th. There was so much going on in the world that seemed to be calling for a conversation. There were the shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas. There were political conventions that seemed to cast us as a people deeply divided. 

So we talked together on the 24th and here are a couple of things that I heard: 

  • This is a time of possibility. We are aware of things that we weren’t before and folks are talking together about these things. What had been feeling dark and hard started to feel a little different. It started to feel like perhaps there is possibility in the numbers of folks who are starting to talk about gun violence and systemic racism and hateful speech and actions. 

  • Listening for understanding is key. This is a theme that has been coming up again and again during Aftertalk this year. In fact Aftertalk is this very thing. We come together to listen to understand. We come together because even if we hold different opinions we honor and respect the story and the humanity of the person we are with and we know that God moves in creative ways in the space between us.  

  • We want to do something. I heard that its time put ourselves in situations where we get to be with folks who hold very different worldviews and who have stories that we need to understand. It’s time to do this listening in very intentional and more widespread ways. For me this means grabbing one or two buddies from Aftertalk and visiting events or gatherings that I might not normally attend. I aim to go not to critique and convince others of my opinion but to listen and understand some stories of the folks there. 

After-talks will resume in the fall. We will check in then about this summer conversation and we will talk about other things that come up for us individually and as a community. We may, if the spirit moves, gather before then. We’ll give lots of notice if it seems like another summer Aftertalk is needed so that you can join us.   

In the meantime, here is one site that helps in this conversation over racial understanding and reconciliation:

Isaiah 5:1-7 â€¢ Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19 â€¢ Hebrews 11:29-12:2 â€¢ Luke 12:49-56
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