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Given the tragic spate of shootings we have recently seen in the U.S., the prophet Amos may be a particular gift for us. The first reading this Sunday is from the 8th chapter of Amos and includes a word play (lost in the English translation) with the words "summer fruit" and "end". As you prepare for worship this Sunday, you might be interested in this video and commentary that explores Amos' understanding of the effect of a cultural/corporate violence on society.
Speaking of what's going on in our culture of late...

We're planning an Aftertalk conversation following worship on July 24th. If you'd like to talk about what the church (locally and more broadly) is doing or could be doing, if you're feeling a need to be more involved, or if you just have questions you want to explore, plan on joining us! Keep an eye out on the website for more information and resources.
We love summer! But it does seem to fly by. If you're missing making connections with others, consider joining us at Panera this Sunday for lunch. It's a great opportunity to gather together, catch up, and spend some time reflecting on life with others who seek to follow this way of Christ. We will head down to the Landing soon after worship ends.

A small group is being formed and hosted by Dan and Candis ORear. This group will revolve around music and fellowship. We will meet to share our stories about music in our lives and learn to perform songs that we will share with the congregation during worship. The format will be three rehearsal meetings during which we will learn one song then share it in worship the following Sunday. All ages and all levels of experience are invited. Do you have an instrument you haven't played in years? Bring it along and remember what fun you can have. Love to sing but don't know how to read music? No problem. The group will help you learn a part. The purpose of this group is not to create a performance piece, it is to enjoy the process of making music in fellowship and sharing it with others. Interested?  Talk to Dan or Candis, or drop us an email .

By Julie Kae Sigars

Well the word got around they said this kid is insane man…
And the world’s gonna know your name, what’s your name man…
Alexander Hamilton, my name is Alexander Hamilton,
and there’s a million things I haven’t done,
but just you wait, just you wait!   
    from opening number of Hamilton, musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hamilton people (and those curious about this phenomenon), the wait is over! 
We are having a “Hamilton Night” at St. Andrew Wednesday, August 10 sometime between 6-9pm. Save the date. What we know for sure is that there will be Hamilton food:  the menu is based on lyrics from the show! Ask Amber Oakes to see if you can contribute.
There may be a couple of Wednesday evenings before August 10 for folks to come and practice on a few of the numbers so we can have an even more awesome time. Julie Kae will have music for those who want to do that. Stay tuned!
For those who are curious: Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the book, lyrics, and music for Hamilton, based on the critically acclaimed book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.  It took him six years… and my goodness, it is amazing. In the first song, I learned so much history that I was reeling. What else is unusual about this show? A big chunk is based on the genre of rap. Yes, you read that right. Alexander Hamilton was a man of many words. Miranda translated the story to the rap genre.  I would understand if that may not seem enticing. But, at least for me, it has been amazing. (I keep using that word…) The rhythm and the rhymes are so energizing. There are also musically lyrical numbers, some that are heartbreakingly beautiful, some that are hysterically funny. The Broadway production is also mostly people of color, which adds a uniquely American lens.  AND, somehow, all of this seems to speak to us and our lives NOW.  This show has turned millions of kids onto learning the history of the birth of our country.  And as I wrote above, I have learned so much.  Like this.  Aaron Burr, who killed Hamilton in a duel, was the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. (!) One of my favorite lines Burr sings:
  “my grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher;
 but there are things that the homilies and hymns won’t teach ya.”

      â€œWait for It” from Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda
The hope for this evening will be that some of us can sing along (with the recording) to most of the songs, and most of us can add our voices at wonderfully communal times!  (Rise up!) All fun.
If this is a whole new thing for you, just ask Amber Oakes, Molly McAdams, Megan McAdams, Maggie, Julie Kae, Chuck Sigars, Lainey Sinkinger…we might be able to shed some light. If you trust us, you might buy the soundtrack (which has sold a bazillion copies). Or check it out on YouTube.
I am not throwing away my shot...Ya know I am just like my country, I’m young, scrappy,  and hungry. And I’m not throwing away my shot. Everybody sing! Woah Woah Woah!
Amos 8:1-12 • Psalm 52 • Colossians 1:15-28 • Luke 10:38-42
Copyright © 2016 St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, All rights reserved.

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