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Support the Goldilocks

Now and again a great product is announced via crowd-funding (such as Ninja Blocks) and another one has started which we'd like to share with you - by Australian Phillip Stevens. It's his new "Goldilocks" Arduino-compatible board with a difference.

Physically compatible with all Uno-style shields at 5 V, however contains a microSD card socket and a much beefier ATmega1284p microcontroller - which compared with the Arduino Uno offers 8 x the SRAM, 4x the flash memory and twice the EEPROM space.

Plus there's an extra timer, a fully-independent analogue platform and it's clocked at 20 MHz. If the project is successful the Freetronics team will be taking care of manufacturing so quality will be top-notch. It's a great project and we're happy to support
Phillip's Goldilocks board

What's new this week? 

We've got an interesting FM radio kit with a housing that can be painted and decorated at will, and if you're looking for an inexpensive Arduino Uno-compatible board - we've got more for under $25.

And as always, we're always open to suggestions for new products and suppliers, so if you've seen something cool or incredibly useful and want to purchase it locally - or if you have any questions or queries whatsoever - let us know via

And if you're looking to get started with the "Internet of Things", the best way is with the new Ninja Blocks - and they're available for pre-order now. Click here to find out more and to order.

Uno-compatible for less!

If you need an Arduino Uno R3-compatible on a budget - this is the board for you. Electrically and physically compatible, the DFRduino gets the job done.

And with the colour-coded stacking header sockets, it's easy for the beginner to discern between analogue, digital and other I/O areas. They're in stock and ready to ship, so click here for more information and to order. 

The FabFM Radio Kit

Not satisfied with crystal radios? Then build your own microcontroller-based FM radio. It's a great through-hole kit than can be modified in many ways, from the Arduino-based control firmware to decorating the included wooden enclosure.

A great project to share with others or inspire them to learn more about electronics and kit constructions. Check out the details, data, great instructions and order from here
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