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And, not or.

Or is judgement. It’s closing off possibilities to listen and observe. And is curiosity. It’s opening your ears, eyes, mind, and heart to another way. 

This or that becomes this and that.

Or cements you. And is a wave you ride. Or is isolating. And is compassion.


If we don’t know what we don’t know, then how can we truly know what we think we know?

And isn’t asking you to change your mind, but it is asking you to open your mind.

This was just a quick note around some forming thoughts. It's something I visit often with my clients and in my personal life. It's been a simple, powerful message to remember when I catch myself making assumptions.

I'll revisit this soon when I dive deeper into some of the values I've been developing for Blank. Until then, stay curious.
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- Mike Duesenberg, Creative Director and Founder of Blank Studio