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Dear Friends,

One of the more amazing things about the apostle Paul is that no matter what he faced, he fearlessly and boldly proclaimed the Gospel, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13). It is with this same faith that we have been able to continue our mission of connecting to Christ and community and will continue as we make our way through our current situation.   

As restrictions in our community and state begin to loosen, and under the guidelines provided by Bishop Lawrence and your vestry, I am writing to lay out our plans for reopening our doors for public worship on Pentecost, May 31st, with one service at 10:00am. 

Sunday  |   May 17th  |  One Service Streamed online at 10:30 am.

Sunday  |  May 24th  |  Re:Connect service at 10:00 am.  

  • Livestreamed and our doors will not be open for public participation.  This is Memorial Day weekend and I want to avoid attracting a large crowd of visitors (I know this is so strange to say!).  

  • I have asked the vestry (and spouses) to attend and help provide assistance and feedback so that we can be fully prepared to offer a safe and worshipful gathering the following Sunday. 

  • It will give you the opportunity to see how the service will look and the steps we have taken so you can make the best decision on where you feel most comfortable worshiping on Sundays. 

  • We will offer communion (bread only) and make it available to you after the service in a “drive by” distribution. After the service, I will remain at the church for an hour and you can come through the turning circle and receive the consecrated wafers (stored in a plastic bag) and you may take some home for your family. We ask that you consume them as soon and as reverently as possible. 


Sunday  |  May 31st (Pentecost Sunday) Re:Connect service at 10 am.

  • We will continue to livestream services, so we are requesting that if you are not well or do not wish to venture out, please join us for worship on Facebook Live or  

  • The front doors will open at 9:45. Please avoid all physical contact and find your seat and avoid prolonged conversations with friends.   

  • Use of public areas such as the lobby and restrooms are discouraged unless a necessity. The cry room will be open for use if needed, but there will be no nursery or children’s church. Activity bags for children will be available to use and take home after the service. 

  • You must wear a mask inside the building at all times and bring/use your own hand sanitizer. We will have sanitizer and masks available, but as you know, these items are in short supply and we ask that you help us be good stewards of these resources.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times (6 feet). We have removed our red cathedral chairs and set up 90 metal folding chairs in the church that can easily be moved so that you can sit with your family while maintaining the proper distance between friends. We will also stream the service into the parish hall where there is additional seating. You may also choose to stand in the back.  

  • There will be music, but no congregational singing. Again this is per CDC and diocesan requirements. David will lead our musical worship and invite you to stand, raise your hands, and sing within the temple of your heart.  

  • You are encouraged to continue to give online or by dropping off/mailing a check, but we will also have several Church of Our Saviour offertory buckets for anyone wishing to give during the Sunday service. This can be accomplished at any time in the service and the offering will be deposited in our safe as soon as the service ends.  

  • The Eucharistic liturgy will follow the sermon and you will be able to pick up the consecrated wafer (placed in a plastic bag before the service) as you leave the building. If you have a loved one at home, you may take the bread to them, but we ask that you consume it as soon as possible and as reverently as possible. 

  • “Drive By” distribution will be available after the service for those who have worshiped at home.

Our Re:Connect service and schedule will continue through Labor Day and we will continue to monitor the CDC recommendations and diocesan guidelines. We will make adjustments to the service (like adding congregational singing, communion at the rail, socializing after the service...) when it is appropriate and safe. It is important to note that we will need to be fluid and responsive as situations may change and to realize that other churches may be doing things differently. Please know that we will make every attempt to offer the safest place for you to worship within our local context, laws, and regulations.  

Let me briefly talk about our small groups and plans for this summer.  I strongly encourage all small groups to continue to meet this summer and Zoom provides us a wonderful way for us to stay connected and to study God’s word even when we are miles apart. I am authorizing small groups to meet in person in an outdoor setting only. Driveways work really well for this and it is a great way to invite those you may have been “neighboring” to join. If you choose to have a Church of Our Saviour small group meeting outside, please follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain all social distancing protocol

  • Bring your own lawn/beach chairs, wipes/hand sanitizer.

  • When in close proximity with another, please wear masks.

  • It is safest and easiest not to have food and drink but if you choose please:

    • Bring your own refreshments and don’t share, OR...

    • Have a food table that is only accessible when you are masked and gloves are worn. Please have plastic utensils available for serving and eating as well as paper cups if needed. 

    • Bring your own beverage or use individual bottled beverages. Please avoid using a common bottle, pitcher, or decanter. 

  • Keep your normal time or set a time to end. The more time you spend with others, the greater the risk.  

Please note that I am keeping the church building closed to all other meetings and groups during the summer. Our cleaning service will ensure that all is sanitized before each Sunday, but we want to keep contact exposure to a minimum.  If you need to stop by church during office hours (M-Th: 9am to 5pm), please call first and we will be more than happy to assist you. Please do not enter the church or any of the offices or rooms after hours. If you have an emergency, please contact me and I will assist you to the best of my abilities.  

One of the things God has been teaching me during this pandemic is to hold loosely onto plans that I make, but I am confident that we need to move forward cautiously and with a great deal of grace and understanding. The times we find ourselves in are indeed different and awkward. It seems so antithetical to limit and space out seating, to talk to people at a minimum distance of 6 feet, to wear masks, to not sing….  However, we must count our blessings and praise God for what he has done for us eternally. We need to remember that He is at work and that we are still called to connect to Christ and find ways to connect to our neighbor. I believe that in the midst of all this we are being reminded just how important the church is to our lives and to the lives of our neighbors--those who believe and those who are yet to believe. It is never comfortable being pruned, but I know that He is preparing us to bear more fruit for the Kingdom. I ask for your continued prayers for Archbishop Foley Beach, Bishop Mark Lawrence, for your vestry and staff and for your rector.  Pray that we, “can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” 

Blessings In Christ


Hey Kids!

Do any of you like to grow things? This is a great time of year to spend in the garden. It’s so fun to see how with just a little time and effort, you can grow your own food in your own backyard! There are a couple of things you can do to make a really healthy plant produce more yummy fruits and vegetables. One thing is to cut off any dead branches. They are not going to help the plant grow food. Another thing you can do is to prune the good branches. This means that you trim them now and then so new buds and branches can come out. This makes the plant stronger. 

Jesus tells us a story in the Bible about these very same things. Jesus says that He is the vine, which is the core or center of the plant. He says that we are the branches that grow out of the vine. If we stay connected to him like branches on the vine, then we can produce good fruit. Jesus calls this fruit the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). If we do not stay connected to Jesus, we will dry up and be cut away. 

He may also prune us if we are connected to Him so that we can produce even more good fruit. This may look like Him leading you to cut things out of your lives that are distracting you from Him so that you can focus on serving Him in new ways. Also, He may put you through challenges to strengthen you and give you opportunities to produce your fruits of the spirit. 

Here are a couple of great videos with some kids like you explaining this story even more:

The Vine and the Branches
Vine and Branches 

Memory Verse: “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” John 15:9


1) Coloring Page

2) Plant a vegetable or a whole garden! This can be really easy and really fun, but it does take some time and patience (another fruit of the spirit!). Did you know that tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and watermelon all grow on a vine? Pick one, get a large pot, fill it with soil, and drop a few seeds in according to the instructions on the packet. You may need a long stick or a steak to put in the center for the vine to attach to as it grows. Take care of your plant, like Jesus takes care of us. Give it water and sunshine, take off the dead branches, and prune the good ones. Then see if it bears good fruit!!



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