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Palm Sunday Today!
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To celebrate Palm Sunday, we invite you to harvest some fronds from your yard before the service begins. If you don’t have any palm fronds, here is a video link to demonstrate how to make your own palm fronds using paper, a green marker or crayon, and scissors. Attached here are several activities from our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Trish Lawrence, for Holy week and we encourage you to share them with your children and grandchildren.  

Ways to Worship During Holy Week
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Weekdays During Holy Week - 9:00 am Morning Devotional with Fr. Karl
Wednesday - 11:30 am Midweek Worship  
Maundy Thursday - 11:30 am
Good Friday - 11:30 am Stations of the Cross
Easter Sunday - 10:30 am Sunday, April 12th

Learn how to make your own Palm Cross with Trish!


Video: Story of Palm Sunday

Video: How to make a Palm Cross

Palm Sunday Coloring Sheet

Palm Sunday Crossword Puzzle

Palm Sunday Word Search


Paper Palm Branches

Here are a couple of different ways to make your own palm branches at home. 

1. Green paper or white paper and a green crayon, marker, or colored pencil
2. Scissors
3. Tape or glue
4. A “stem”: a popsicle stick, tongue depressor, plastic knife, stick from the yard

Hand Print Palm Branch:

Step 1) trace your hand or your child’s hand onto the paper
Step 2) Stack 2-4 sheets of green or white paper together if you have more than one
Step 3) Cut out handprints while the pages are stacked together to make several handprints
Step 4) Lay the handprints out in an overlapping fashion so that they resemble a palm branch
Step 5) Glue the handprints together or tape the back of the handprints together. (I used clear packing tape.)
Step 6) Tape or glue your “stem” to back of your palm branch in the center (I used a plastic knife)
Step 7) If using white paper, color the front of your handprints green 


Paper Leaf Palm Branch:

Step 1) Take one piece of paper, and cut a large oval leaf shape out of it
Step 2) Draw a faint line down the center of the back of your leaf so that you avoid cutting too far into the center
Step 3) Make small cuts at an angle down the sides of the leaf, avoiding the center 
Step 4) Tape or glue your stem to the back. (I used clear packing tape and a plastic knife)
Step 5) Optional: Write “Hosanna” down the center of your palm branch




Maundy Thursday Videos: The Last Supper , Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet 
Maundy Thursday Coloring Pages: The Last Supper Coloring Page 
Maundy Thursday Activity: Read as a family John 13:1-17, and then wash the feet of your family members just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.


Good Friday Video : Only watch until the time stamp 4:03….Save the Ending for Sunday! 
Good Friday Activity: Proclaim what God has done by decorating your driveway with sidewalk chalk with scenes and verses from Good Friday.

Scene Suggestions: 
1. Jesus carrying his cross
2. Three crosses on a hill
3. Jesus’ tomb with a large stone
4. A curtain torn in half like the one in the temple

Scripture Suggestions:
1. “...By His wounds, we are healed” Isaiah 53:5
2. “For God so loved the world that he gave us his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but should have eternal life”       John 3:16 
3. “...“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing...”       Luke 23:34
4. “...It is finished…” John 19:30

Easter Sunday

The Story of Easter: This video will take you back through Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday through the resurrection of Jesus. 

Easter Crossword Puzzle

Easter Maze

Easter Word Search


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