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Hey Kids!

This week we are learning about a true story known as “The Road to Emmaus” from the book of Luke (chapter 24 vs 13-35) in the Bible. I love this story, because I think what happened to the disciples happens to us today all the time in different ways. 

Watch this video for the story:

The Road to Emmaus 

The friends of Jesus were still so sad by what had just happened to Him. He had just been crucified three days earlier. Even though Jesus had told them several times that He would be raised from the dead on the third day, they were still distraught and thought they had lost Him forever. These men walking on the road to Emmaus were joined by Jesus, and they did not recognize Him. Their hearts and eyes were not expecting to see Him after they’d witnessed His brutal death. They spent a lot of time with Him in fact before they realized who He was. Can you imagine that? I’m sure they were thrilled He was alive, but I’m also sure they were shocked! They may have even felt some shame and embarrassment for having not recognized Him. 

I think this is a mistake that we make all the time. Jesus is walking alongside us every day, and yet we don’t see Him. Why don’t we see Him? Because our hearts and eyes are not looking for Him. We are so focused on and distracted by other things happening around us, that we sometimes don’t recognize that Jesus is right there! He tells us His Holy Spirit is always with us, and He promises us that He is returning to us one day. Let us be looking for Him. Let us not be surprised when He shows up. He keeps His promises always. 


Here is a game you can play for fun to help you remember this story. Decide on a safe path through your home or your yard. Take turns with your family having one person wear a blindfold and another person walk beside them through the pathway. See if the blindfolded person can guess who is walking with them by the time their walk is finished. 


Dip your feet (or your child’s feet) in some washable paint, step onto a sheet of paper, and make foot prints. Let them dry, and then write on your paper, “I’m Walking With Jesus!” If you do this activity, share it on Facebook and tag Church of Our Saviour. We’d love to see it! (If you don’t have any washable paint at home, you can make some! Mix ¾ cup flour, 1 cup warm water, and a few drops of food coloring together. Voila!) 

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