"Independence is happiness" 

Susan B. Anthony
Della's doings

"While he was away in Sydney I holidayed with my trainer Eliza Farley on Coochiemudlow Island. Eliza took this shot of me looking out to Stradbroke Island. Having a think.

"Back home and catching a few rays after three days of rain.Taught myself to jump on beds and tables.
 "I've stripped his table except for the heavy statue. Pens, treats, dog leads, really clearing the joint out.
"And when his television is on I rearrange the bed linen while he sits in his chair. When he goes to bed I switch to his chair.
Driving him nuts."
Cloud Nine after the Sydney trip
Orchids everywhere at the Berkeley Editons lunch in Sydney. Margaret Fink, Paul GotchJudith Casey, and Bill Harding there to share the baskets of Phaelopnopsis. Helping me present the
2018 Bird-and-Orchid catalogue
Startng top left and top to bottom with Janine Bavin, Ros Turner, Robyn Berkeley (also in lower left pic) with Judith Casey, then Bernie Leser's Vogue Ladies Wendy Morrow and Carolyn Lockhart, and (below) Nancye Emerson and Paul Gotch, the Lady in Red Is Rosie Penman, and finally pal of my Darlo days Margaret Fink.
Dinner with the Dobbins at Madam Nhu's

Bidding a quite farewell to long time mates John Dobbin and Lisa Fryar and family who exit for Dubai for three years. How I shall miss them. Still – there's
FBook and InstaG to help close the distances.

Hard to forget the last night in Sydney.
Watching sunset over Bondi Beach with host
Mark Roeder and Brenda Kilmore. Just three.
Sharing a fish and chip night.

Then back home to a very green garden.

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