A fantastic stepping stone to greater things down the track and in the future. Don't undermine the Commonwealth Games." Kathy Freeman

Beach scene one of the highlights from the opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games held on Queensland's
Gold Coast.

So often we employ others to do things for us, yet I am constantly 
reminded of the wonders of nature.
Here a selection of shots emailed in by author and environmentalist 
Lorna Rose. How I do enjoy reaction to GRAPHICs ONLINE
and thank you all for your responses. 


Proud moment for Queensland and Australia
The largest para-sport program in
Commonwealth Games history.

Meanwhile, back in the garden a touch of red
in a sea of green. T
ra-la-la 'tis Autumn.

Della has lost her baby teeth.
Seven months old bless her - and god save us.

Added a few extra birds to the Gouldian Finch illustration and this makes number 147 in the
Bird-and-Orchid series.  Whew!

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