"I can't keep track of my hospital time.

It all sort of blurs together.

Evel Knieval

Garden now getting
lots of attention.

Trying to manipulate the new walker and handle the hose at the same time is an accident waiting to happen. No siree! Home helper Darren now lends a hand with the watering while I get my act together. 
Once bitten . . .

Eating well after three weeks of hospital food. My Massaman curry should last about three meals and then there is cheese on toast, smashed avo, and
toad-in-the-hole for fillers.
Nothing beats home cooking.


Angels in my garden

Hannah and Julie are part of the HomeInstead service to help me recuperate after three gruelling weeks in hospital – lovely ladies. Things improve but the women stay in house on 24 hour shifts to make sure things are running smoothly. Nice to have backup.

Della is not too sure about her homecoming and has developed strong attachments for the Rels and Murphy, their large red Irish Setter.

The Apostlebird, also known as Grey Jumper,
Lousy Jack, or CWA bird is quick moving and native to Australia. Travels in groups of twelve to 40, it’s named after the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ

Cousin Gary Farley (centre) in from Yarram, Victoria, came by for a coffee break with brother Allen Farley. Allen's wife Janet took the happy snap.
Nice to be 

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