Bushfires – time to donate

 Bath time for Della 
Every second Thursday Della take to the tub when the cleaners kindly offer to give her a wash. Here she is in her own special blue towel.

local hero
 I don't know his name
but this young fellow has saved seven koalas so far. He lives near Mallacoota. What spirit. Brings me to tears. Genuine Aus.
I feel so helpless.

Birthday fizz. 85 and still counting. Whew!
And January is the month for mangoes. Happy eating folks and thanks to the friendly neighbour who brings me a supply from his property further north. Great Queensland spirit.

The punchy little double-eyed fig parrot 
(Cyclopsitta diophthalma) is the smallest parrot in Australia A.K.A  the blue-faced fig parrot, red-faced fig parrot, dwarf fig parrot, and the two-eyed fig parrot. Whew! - inhabits forests on New Guinea and nearby islands and isolated communities along our tropical coast. This is a work in progress, hence the 
temporary black background. Seven slightly different species. Males carry more red on the face than females.

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