“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

– Marcel Proust

Home made Truffle Oil 
– Seyen's gift carried in from Croatia opens up new vistas in every day cooking – truffle oil 
drizzled over boiled potatoes for instance. Bruschetta
with black Truffle Oil
Count the ways.
Truffle hummus. Great with vegetables. Used as a finishing oil on pizzas. Linguini with mushrooms
in truffle oil
Yum! Adventures ahoy!

 Buddha smiles ... and
all's well in the courtyard garden

Seyen in the garden

Precious hours
Fresh from a 19 hour jet flight Seyen Surjan stopped by; en route to join her husband Justin in Rockhampton. Lots to be said – lots left unsaid as when good friends meet after long absences. That marvellous garden we shared in Cooroy. How fond she was of sister Gem. Now much travelled - Africa, Europe, the Americas - I wonder where next before 
we meet again.
Such a day. 

 . . . two new birds for the colletion.
Plentiful in Queensland and northern Australia, this White Bellied Cukoo Shrike (above left) seems to haunt the giant Poincianas down by the river – so close to home: whereas  Bourke's Parrots are birds of the outback – areas dominated by Acacia species,
particularly the mulga


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