The Australian Swamp orchid Phaius australis is a graphic symbol between the birthday celebration and the 'Bird Talk–Orchid Speak' exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery
April 1-19.

 Up top
with the divine Robyn Berkeley, then Terence Robinson (WBL's Mr MoneyMan) with Kim Sinclair (our then Media Director), next Cheryl Haines and Mary van de Wiel (who sequentially kept the ad agency in fashion 
nik for over a decade). 

Above and in descending order Nancye Emerson, Shirley Benham, then Maggie and me, Priscilla Yates and Robyn Nevin, and finally 'White Nights' MaX and Bill Harding.

stood to make a welcoming speech
– Maggie Tabberer at my right, celebrated film maker Margaret Fink seated left – "Elvis is in the building! Except, as he is one day older than me, he was here yesterday. Johhny O'Keefe is a year younger – he won't be here for ages. Tonight, this is as good as it gets ..."

with Janise Beaumont – togetherness, always.Derryn Heilbuth – longtime lasting friendship

Up close with Cheryl Hains and Robyn NevinPartying with Michael Franch and Rea Francis. Pal-of-my-cradle-days, Gary Simpson, with Steven Turner who (under the sign of Aries) puts speed and pace into every special event.The way we are
Starting left and travelling clockwise Christopher Lewis, Cheryl Haines, Terence Robinson, MaX Fulcher, Kim Sinclair, Priscilla Yates, Peter Morris, Van (Mary van de Wiel), Donald Van Nooten, Simon Robinson, and Steven Turner.

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