"Where the spirit does not work
there i
s no creativity"
Leonardo da Vince

A salute to my
Capricorn Bestie 
Mary van de Wiel
in Mexico

Free-spirited and highly talented, Mary (otherwise known as Van) is currently based in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) where, surrounded by master Mexican rug weavers
and craftsmen
making her collection of bags by hand, her first 
Black Line Crazy Collection comes
into fruition.
Pioneer stuff.

The range of hand-woven rugs in the BLC WOOL Collection is astounding to begin with. Throw in the STREET TALK COLLECTION of Messenger Bags, Totes and and zippered Sleeves plus a selection of giclée prints, you find one very high impact collection – not unlike the lady herself.
I was given a sneak preview of the new site Mary is preparing. The shape of things to come. ZOOWEE! and WOW! Shall pass on the link as soon as the site is up and running,

Winter greens. How grows your garden? 

A May haircut did the courtyard garden a power of good though not a lot flowering. The big Cymbidium in the foreground is pure fantasy. Poetic license.

That Bob Walpole certainly gets around. 
One minute he's on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, at the foot of Mount Etna and the next he's photographing a Purple Crowned Lorikeet somewhere in the vicinity of Kalbarrie National Park in Western Australia.
Such creative force – I constantly wonder why I have been so lucky as to follow the paths of so many
dedicated workmates and talented friends.

... and how many beautiful environments
 Peter Morris create in one lifetime?

Echoes of the great landscapes of the world 
come to mind, but always expressed with an undeniable personal touch. As a young man natural ability ran in so many directions. I often wondered which pathway he would finally choose.
Nature won. Here’s Peter’s take on Autumn

the Morris gardens.

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