"Sumer is i-cumen in –
     Lhude sing, cuccu!

Opening lines,
13th-century English poem

Harking back
to sunny days exploring Australia, hoofing it around Asia and the Pacific, and going barefoot in Burma. Happy trails folks.
Follow your sunshine.

Cousin Janet Farley (seen here with family) has enjoyed well deserved success as part of the group exhibition Jewels in the Landsape at the Percolator Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane. The exhibition closes in a matter of days but offers a rare chance to see her arresting seascapes and loving recollections of life on Coochiemudlow Island.

Della dog's one legged rooster has seen better days. Lost a one leg, the red comb, and most of the stuffing – but glad to say her stash of coloured tennis balls is holding.
Practice again tonight 6pm sharp.

Attack of the Magpies
This is the season when Magpies go mad and attack passers by. 
Bicycle helmets on folks.
Sudden Jump! Spring turns to Summer.
Red-wiskered Bulbuls and Bankisia cuneate 
may be strange bedfellows but in Australian gardens the unexpected is usually happens. The popular cage bird hails from China and India while pincushion Banksia is indigenous to East Coast Australia.

When Queensland shines Brisbane is a riot of colour.
 Hakea, gumnuts, Eastern Spinebills calling
 – must be Aussie summer on the horizon.

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz,
I wonder where the boidies is?
The boid is on the wing – but that's absurd.
The wing is on the boid.


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