It is the artist's business to
create sunshine when the sun fails." 

Romain Rolland

Carol's orchid.
When actor Carol Burns gave me this Oncidium orchid to mind for her I gave it special attention.
Each and every every time it 
flowers I think of that wonderfully spirited and talented Queenslander.
The original plant has been divided numerous times and now thrives in many

friendly gardens.

 Return engagement 
This yellow Viyera is called 'Wattle Bird'. I bloomed it in Sydney, travelled it north to Noosa, and now it smiles every season here in Kangaroo Point. What a blessing these warm weather Rhododendrons
Small potatoes
Had to smile to myself when the Coles delivery man made his rounds this week. I had ordered a 2 kilo bag of 'small' potatoes.
This was the largest. In my day we called these 'seed' potatoes and were used mainly for planting in the vegetable 
Oh well, waste not want not.
where? is that
Smiley button.)

Risky business
Ran this quick sketch over a year ago and it looks like these two madmen are at it again. Tarriff wars.
Nobody wins

Many hands ... et cetera. The head gardener decided to bring his whole team to give the courtyard a winter haircut. Della dog was highly delighted.
I'm never quite certain where these bird illustrations are taking me.

 This wind tossed Great Blue Heron looks rather dejected – as though he missed out on a fish dinner. As counterpoint, the happy looking Night Parrot below is an endangered species. It was not until May 2013 that a live bird was photographed in western Queensland – first proof of a live bird since one was shot in 1912.
Meanwhile, the pair of Red Capped Parrots (below) 
a broad-tailed species and resident of southwest Western Australia and not endangered.

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