"Caged birds accept each other
but flight is what they long for."

Tennessee Williams

Della has a special look
when she figures I spend too much time on the computer.
Frilled-neck Monach 
(aka frill-necked flycatcher) is a species of songbird endemic to the rainforests of the far northern
Cape York Peninsula
I now discover that the bright blue eye surround is peculiar to the male. Looks like I have drawn a pair of males. Who knows?

New whizz-bang juicer turns ripe red papaya into a delicious drink. But what will we do without plastic straws I wonder. Difficult to get the nose 
around the orchid embellishment.

Donald Trump made his State of the Nation speech today but it was hard to buy it. Nancy Pelosi seemed not to be buying it also. I'm with Nancy. What a two-faced liar that man is. Wake up America. Send him off to  Hawaii to do an honest days' work – packing pineapples!
Water bird series  though I began by concentrating on birds of the rainforest it's the collection of waterbird illustrations that grows steadily over the past years.
 Decades of photography and two studies stand out in my memory. Two beautiful women. A young teenage girl, daughter of a kitchen hand at Lord Alistair McAlpine's Broome hoteltaken for Ita Buttrose's
ITA magazine and wearing Paspaley
beyond price' the headline.
The second photo is of an old 
Chinese lady climbing high on the
Great Wall of China. Highly amused to think I wanted to take her photograph (late 80s).

A few summer showers and it's a jungle out there. Makes me feel guilty enjoying such weather while floods play havoc in tropical North Queensland. And STILL members of our government argue whether climate change is real or not.
A hailstorm on their houses I say.

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