If you can't change it
don't worry about it. 
                          David Barrett

Host takes the cake

at the Capricornia
Actually, the cake was to be shared between four Capricorns and a load of
Myer Advertising Mates (MAD MATES). A present-day playing of the famous loaves and fishes scenario.

The Passionfruit Layer cake
was the gift of Helen Kielly

It was Helen's idea to form the MATES group and we all feel indebted to the work she put in to get the show on the road. Nowadays it makes organising an event like this a piece of cake.

Man of the World Ray Lloyd beams the same sparkle he displayed when the advertising department greeted the Mousketeeers on McWhirters rooftop – early 60s.
The energetic Raymond visited home town Brisbane for three days and we all turned out to welcome.him.
A sunshine day reunion.

Decades of Myer MAD MATES get together 
in Queensland garden of tropical delight.
Drink of the day Pimms
–  served with thick 'carved
off the leg' ham 
sandwiches. Take a second look at that juicy smoked salmon with tiny sprigs of dill, set on cream cheese and slices of ice cold cucumber. Delicious fare. 

Pimms and white Phalaenopsis orchids 
dressed the bamboo tables as a cool soft breeze blue into the courtyard to save the day.

Radio Map of the world
  The green dots on this google earth represent
a radio station anywhere in the world with very good sound. Click into the address below
and be prepared to be amazed. 

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