" A hospital is no place to be sick."
Samuel Goldwyn

"Get me outa here!"
Three weeks in hospital
is no way to see out winter.
I've had my fill and this lady personifies my feelings.

It was poached eggs all the way because the cardboard thin lamb, meat loaf, steak, and chicken breasts proved to be as tough as the old turkey.
Hospital food!!
It's all been said before.
Thanks for the fruit from Mark, Greg, Belinda, and the Rels – didn't go hungry.

Red socks are a joke.
End of story, back to the garden. And, oh yes, the nurses were brilliant. So too the doctors except one
who shall remain nameless.


 Spirit of Spring  Dendrobium speciosum

In every garden I have ever created there is
a special place for this lovey native orchid.
Why on earth 
people constantly refer to it as the Sydney Rock Orchid I shall never know. It blooms freely right along Australia's Eastern Seaboard and in many other inland districts as well – calls a high dollar 
in the USA. 
This is the Alba (white) species.

Sadly good eating, plump monogamous
Wonga Wonga pigeons are birds of rainforest and adjacent timberland. Almost always seen on the ground and very shy, they are heard much more than they are seen. "Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop."
Their call echoes on for hours,

Remembering happier days in Hong Kong
when antique dealer Cecilia McNally took me there on frequent jade buying jaunts. How I loved the barter. Never that good at it but how I adored staying at the salubrious Peninsular – for just $40 per night.
Cecilia billeted next door at the YMCA.
"Save your hotel expenses.
Spend money on jade."

Bygone days – but not forgotten.

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