"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Since the stay in hospital I am home and addicted to the taste of watermelon. What's up doc? Thank heavens Coles do a weekly delivery run for $4.

Birds are on the wing, the promise of Plumeria is in the air. Spring is on the way – thank heavens!.
Certain celebration cakes make me smile.



Long before joining the WB Lawrence ad agency in Sydney I shared a life in advertising at Myer/McWhirters Queensland. We worked hard, played hard, and stayed late. This on the occasion of a store visit by the Mousketeers. Such energy!

Della dog enjoying the winter sunshine

and doing a little gardening – bless her.
Oh! to be in Bondi when the kites are flying. 
It's great to visit to Sydney and check in with pal of my working days, author Mark Roeder, who has taken to blooming orchids – Phalaenopsis or Moon Orchids – this beauty has flowered for the past seven months and has a good chance of a second flowering if he clips the old stem above the second notch, waters twice a week, and keeps in bright light. No direct sun

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