"Sow in the spring.

Reap in the autumn

Irish Proverb
Cousin Janet Farley's Rock Orchids have just popped (Dendrobium speciosum).
How I miss them.

Years and years of
fruit photography

There's got to be
a book in there somewhere
The top shot harks back to the days when Westpac employed a Japanese
fruit carver
to create masterpieces for the Executive Boardroom lunches in Sydney CBD. 
There is also a shot of Jackfruit from the Kinabulu morning markets, coconut juice from Rusty's in Cairns.

The remainder are from shoots in the Darlinghurst residence and exotic fruits grown on the Cooroy property.
Newest additions to the art files. 
Above: a pair of Red Tailed Cockatoos –
Below: Currawong visiting Waratah – fond memories
of happy days 
spent in the Noosa Hinterland
and NSW Blue mountains.

A famous Sydney photographer once told me
a lot of any one thing makes an interesting picture 
– so I went to China and shot these birds in Quanchou paddling north to become Peking Duck – Circa 1992.

By special request : a series of six designs for a pal in New York. Six of each subject. Only a small run so printed in house on the trusty old OKI printer. A4 folded.

Work in progress : East coast Topknot pigeon

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