Last of the bundle of orchids imported from Hawaii in the late 80s, this blushing white  Dendrobium hard cane orchid has endured through four successive gardens. Flowers around Easter each year. A stayer but a NONA (NO NAme). Who cares. We share
a long-standing relationship.

Wishing Susie Sierra good fortune with her new beauty oil venture Sierra Gold. Talented artist and Jill-of-all-trades Susie has kindly handed me more than one tip on net etiquette. I note her FaceBook connection to Katrina Fox and have ordered a new book on increasing web presence.

Dr Jane Goodhall  
A personal and private interview from a lady who gets it right in a world that often gets it wrong.

  Started reworkng some of the larger illustrations for the single bird greeting card market. There will be twelve in the series and will not be availble as framed limited edition prints. Less is more? What do you think?

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop" I dream on Matisse.
Capricorn. 84. Arthritic and confined to bed, yet decorating walls  – ceilings – with masterly artworks merely using long handled brushes.
Such purpose of spirit. How feeble a computer by comparison. Yet, awake and idling midnight hours the urge to try a take on 'Dancers' takes hold. 
Gaugin, Matisse, Rousseau. My mind's eye.

 Beethovens Fifth Symphony and 100 drones light the midnight sky in Hamberg, Germany.
Life is not all about war.

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