Della's day
down by the riverside

 Quan Yin in courtyard Hail, rain, or shine the protector of women smiles from the little courtyard.
A  gift from Joe Pavlinovich in Perth, the lady hails from the north of Burma on the border with India.

BREXIT fixit
Funny ladies sing out of the Silly Season.
Noisy Friarbirds are probably not the prettiest
way to see out the year but they do somehow
represent the times. Earth, fire, wind, hail and
rain – they have learned to
 live with it.
I'm guessing we'll have to live with it also

Bird-&-Orchid artworks now number 185. Whew!

I am often asked about my biggest orchid moment – and I think I would vote for the visit to Yamamoto Orchids when they were located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hillsides of gorgeous Nobile orchids (dendobums) displayed in giant whitewashed bush houses.

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