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Aloha everyone!
You may have seen my teaser yesterday, so let’s get into it. This week I signed a contract to speak at two events. The first one is in Madrid, Spain.

The second one is in Marrakech, Morocco.

The company who’s putting on the event is paying for my flights, hotel/riad, an allowance for food, and paying me a speaking fee of $10,000. Please know that I don’t tell you this to brag; I believe in transparency. I also think it’s helpful to see the behind-the-scenes of creating a “Lifestyle” business. This is the kind of stuff I wish I would have seen/learned when I was building this business.
The crazy thing is that I was negotiating with two events, which is why I got a higher fee. The other event that wanted me to speak—on the same days—is in Hong Kong. The event in Madrid offered a little more money and gave me a chance to speak at their second office in Morocco—it was an easy decision after that.
If I were reading this, I would be thinking, “How did he get these opportunities?”
I won’t drag this out like some kind of a sitcom. I didn’t find these opportunities. Both of the events found me through one of my Entrepreneur Magazine articles. Both of them wanted me to speak on “How to Build a Brand With Authenticity.” They read the article, checked out my articles in other publications such as Fox News, The Huffington Post, and Addicted 2 Success.
I have sought out events and sent in proposals in the past. This year, I have spoken six times—all over the country. Every event this year sought me out. As I have consistently written articles every week, they continue to get a wider distribution as they get shared over and over again. It’s reached a tipping point.
The Importance of Exposure

I love John Lee Dumas’ podcast. I’m a fan of Michael Hyatt’s blog. However, if I walked down my street (Or yours) and asked people if they knew who either of these two incredible people are, 99% of those people would not. They are known and “famous” to us (in the online space), but they don’t have mainstream celebrity/name recognition. Ask the same people who Brad Pitt, Anderson Cooper, or Simon Cowell are—every one of them would know.
There’s an important point here that has made all the differences in my business this year. Once I started focusing on getting exposure in mainstream publications that have name recognition, I was able to get exposure to mainstream opportunities.
I’m a fan of the New Media Expo conference. But guess what, they don’t pay speakers (Maybe the Keynote speaker). I live on Maui, and it’s expensive to fly. If I’m going to speak, I want to get properly compensated. When I focused on building in the online space--blogs, podcasts, and video interviews--I couldn’t go after mainstream opportunities because I didn’t have the social proof these opportunities are looking for. 

Don’t get me wrong; I think you should “Be everywhere” as Pat Flynn would say. You should guest post on blogs, get interviewed on podcasts, and network with other entrepreneurs online. BUT, you should also get exposure in mainstream publications—such as the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine—because these are household names that everyone knows and understands. This is especially important if you want to speak, consult and sell books.
This isn’t a case of either/or. This is a case of AND.
The more you can get mainstream exposure, the more doors will be opened to you. As you publish articles/podcasts on large publications, you will get your name out there and get the social proof to pursue bigger opportunities.
Today, I can pitch a conference or company and tell them I’m a contributing writer for places they read and know. That didn’t happen back in the day when I said I guest posted for "so and so’s" blog. See the difference? 

Use both strategies because the blog's are targeted readers. Mainstream publications give you mainstream exposure. They compliment each other nicely.

I would love to help you get into large publications, get paid speaking, and book consulting at companies. I would love to help you make your dream a reality by giving you a realistic, step-by-step plan. My coaching rates increase tomorrow.
Feel free to talk to anyone I’ve worked with. I don’t believe in hype or fluff. I’ve been called the “nuts and bolts” coach. There are still some spots left. Details about my program here. If you're interested, respond to this email and let's start a conversation about how I can help you :)

Peace out,

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