Get ready for something completely new …
As members of CERIC’s ContactPoint website, we wanted to let you know that big changes are on the way during Canada Career Month.

Why the change? The way you find and interact with information online is changing. CERIC is committed to continuing to offer content online for Canada’s career professional communities but is evolving its digital platforms to meet learning needs in a modern and engaging style.  

An exciting new CareerWise website – that builds on the popularity of our weekly CareerWise content curation newsletter – will launch on November 27 and will replace ContactPoint. 

The CareerWise site (“Your source for career development news and views”) will offer a curated selection of relevant and thought-provoking articles on education, skills, counselling, employment and the workforce from a variety of publications. It will also feature original perspectives and timely analysis from recognized experts and community voices, as well as round-ups of popular resources and events. 

Top 3 changes in response to your feedback:

1# You told us: You don’t have time to sift through endless content on the web. You want access to the most important information, resources and conversations.

We’re giving you: The one-stop shop for professionals working in career development across Canada to stay up to date, PLUS gain actionable insights you can apply in your work. 

#2 You told us: You want to be able to access the information you need online quickly and digest it easily – and you want a website that looks and feels innovative and contemporary.

We’re giving you: A career development content hub, inspired by popular news sites and blogs, where you can:

  • Scan the latest news
  • Search your area of interest
  • See what’s trending 
  • Connect to thought leaders
  • Contribute your knowledge 

It’s also a web destination that reflects the professionalism of the field with its polished design. And with a new focus on value-added content, search engine optimization and a user-friendly experience, we aim to broaden participation with employers, educators, policymakers and others who have a stake in career development.

#3 You told us: Continuous learning is a priority and you want to stay current with credible information you can trust.

We’re giving you: A website that advances your career development knowledge and skills through multi-sectoral perspectives and supports you with PD at your fingertips.

Other changes to expect …

  • Some content including Careering magazine, Glossary of Career Development and GSEP Corner will move to the CERIC website.
  • The jobboard function will be discontinued, but jobs can still be shared with CERIC via social media.
  • CareerWise newsletter will become CareerWise Weekly – to differentiate it from the new CareerWise website, which will include content from the weekly newsletter PLUS more great curated articles and original blogs.
ContactPoint’s French-language sister site, OrientAction, is also being thoroughly reimagined to align with the new CareerWise platform but will retain its OrientAction name.
If you have any questions about the changes, please reach out to Content & Communications Editor Lindsay Purchase at
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