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Frank De Luca, Ph.D
Nine Days to Create Nine New Habits
(See footnote at bottom for Introduction and Day 1)

Day 2: Replace the habits of FEAR and DOUBT with the virtues of COURAGE and FAITH

FEAR AND DOUBT: None of us can escape fear, anxiety, uncertainty or doubt.  They are obviously all part of life.  The trouble comes when they are habits, not just emotions we pass through.  In other words, we assume the worst, we distrust without cause, we equivocate over minor decisions and we are inconsolable when we are worrying.  We have lost the basic sense that "all is well."

COURAGE AND FAITH: While fear may be unavoidable, it does not have to be paralyzing.  We take heart and move ahead with courage even if we are uncertain of the outcome.  This is faith: taking the leap with no guarantees of success, trusting in a benevolent universe, trusting that we can handle anything that arises and knowing we can get help when we need.
  Delete: Fear and Doubt 
Exercise: Take a moment to reflect and breathe. 
Part 1: Ask yourself these questions:
·      How is fear directing me today?
·      How do I know when my doubts and skepticism are valid?
·      What keeps me from trusting myself and others?


Replace with: Courage and Faith

Part 2: Say to yourself:
·      I reclaim faith as I look for signs that things can turn out well.
·      I can be decisive in the face of doubts.
·      I can begin with trust.

Final thought: 
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage."
                                                                   – Anais Nin
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Footnote: View Introduction and Day 1: Replace the habit of VANITY with the virtue of AUTHENTICITY

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