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Frank De Luca, Ph.D
Nine Days to Create Nine New Habits
(See footnote at bottom for introduction and previous days' reflections)

Day 8: Replace the habit of WITHHOLDING with the virtue of GENEROSITY

WITHHOLDING : We all have a lot to give.  We don't always give it.  Withholding is the habit of keeping our thoughts, feelings and talents to ourselves  when sharing them would be a contribution.  It is easy to take the stance of the observer - watching, thinking, analyzing, taking it all in but being stingy with what we put out.  Sometimes we withhold out of fear, out of arrogance or from an overly-developed desire to be private and elusive.  
GENEROSITY is the state of being in the natural flow of life.  We take in, we digest, we give out.  Receiving others openly and giving of ourselves freely keeps the energy of life moving.  We all have a deep reservoir of feelings, insights, observations and wisdom that we tend to keep to ourselves, but our real joy results from participating and sharing fully with the world around us.  We take our part in the great dance of life.
  Delete: Withholding
Exercise: Take a moment to reflect and breathe. 
Part 1: Ask yourself these questions:

·     In what ways do I "disappear" when I could be present?
·     How am I in the habit of staying inside my own head?
·     What keeps me from engaging more fully with the people in my life?

Replace with: Generosity
Part 2: Instead of buying a gift for someone, think about how you could be generous with your time and energy, with authentic contact.

 "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
                                                                - Sir Winston Churchill

Feel free to ask any questions or share any comments with me.

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