Time for Divinity Roxx Newz! Woohooo!
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Time for Roxx Newz...

Its been a while since I reached out. Sorry about that. Its been crazy around here. If you've been keeping up with the website you can see that I've been really busy the first three months of 2013. We just shot another video and started planning a US tour to get back on stage, (my favorite place to be) and hopefully I'll get to see you face to face. I wanna thank you for continuing to support the movement. I read all the tweets, emails, fb posts and everything. We couldn't have gotten the downloads, views, friends, followers and community of roxx stars without you!

We shot the 'Bitches Brew' video in February and the good folx at Kite Flight Films are already ready to give you a sneak peek....its definitely EPIC! Some of my former touring buddies came out for the shoot and got some really cool cameos so check it out. Name em if you can.

We're finally planning a small US tour run. Me and the homie 2Krunk have joined forces to bring it to you live and direct, no more of this cyber stuff. Lets get together face to face and rock out (trust me we go in LIVE...the videos don't even give you a clue to the raw energy you feel when we get together). We're calling the sessions  'THE WAKE UP TOUR. We wanna wake up the originality in you. We wanna encourage you to be independent. Be creative. Boast your individuality. After all, that's what we do everyday. We're still adding dates so check out to keep up with where we'll be and if we're coming close to you.

We also just teamed up with Spreadshirt to launch the Roxx Star Apparel Line. We've designed some cool gear for you to check out and since we'll be seeing you soon, it'd be nice to see you rockin the gear. We're using the money from the sales to support the tour. You know, gotta feed the band, put gas in the RV, and have a place to lay our heads at night. This is DEFINITELY NOT anything like the huge tours I've been on, if you know what I mean. But its mine, so Imma rough it out. We're truly doing everything on our own, so to see you there with a t-shirt on would be nice! Just got word that we're about to partner with some other fashionistas to bring more than t-shirts. Soon.

Its midnight right now. I've been up since 5am. I've recorded (new music coming soon), practiced bass (yes i still practice), worked out (Los Angeles Adventure Boot Camp gets that body right), ran errands (LA traffic sux!), and cooked dinner (spaghetti with whole wheat noodles and boca ground, mmm). I'm tired. I'm gonna do it all again tomorrow. So, I gotta wrap it up. We can chat it up all you want at the shows.

Oh yeah! If you didn't know, the 'Get Here' Video hit 10,000 views this week. While that's not a HUGE number for some, we're celebrating cuz we've only been promoting it on Twitter and Facebook and if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been able to hit that mark. Its the little things. They add up to BIG things and then colossal things start to happen. I'm a fan of the little things (hmmm, sounds like I should write a song about it).

I appreciate it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. Its helped make me who I am.
On that note, Goodnight. Thanx for reading this. I wrote it with love...




We are hitting the road, in the US! Finally we're locking down some US dates. I'm being joined by a really talented and ambitious MC, 2KRUNK for a Southeastern US tour starting April 11. We're still confirming dates but we should be hitting Athens, Ga, Atlanta, Nashville, Mobile, Memphis, and a few other cities. Be sure to check in on for more info on dates and locations. We're adding dates everyday.
This IS an independent movement yall, so we gettin it in how we can. We appreciate your support and if you ever wanted to experience a kick ass show, you don't want to miss this!
You might even wanna take a lil drive if we're hittin close to you.
Trust me, its worth it!


Bitches Brew Video...

Exclusive Sneak Peek
Click the pic above


We're excited to unveil the trailer for the 'Bitches Brew' video! From the looks of it, the long hours, lack of sleep, and lack of budget actually paid off.
This definitely shows what you can do when you have the right team, the right cause, and a little bit of love on your side.
We plan on releasing the video in late March, but this should whet your pallet until then.


For The Roxx Star In You: We've teamed up with Spreadshirt to bring you the first line of designs from the Roxx Star Apparel Brand. Featuring many designs by Sissy Casperan, the shirts are great quality and all proceeds help to make iRoxx Entertainment and Divinity Roxx a world touring, album dropping, bad ass force in all things Entertainment. Would love to see you in a shirt at one of the upcoming shows! Or you can just get one and send me a picture of you wearing it and I'll feature you on the site.
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