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Parsha of the Week: 
BeschalachExodus 13:17-17:16

Judaism of the Week: Don't test Hashem or His Prophets

In this week's parsha, the Israelites test God because they are wandering in the desert without faith that it's for a reason and worried about their basic survival. And, well, He doesn't like it. Beyond not liking it, it's considered a negative mitzvahYou shall not test Hashem your God… (Deuteronomy 6:16) For example, you can't say, "I'll give $500 in charity in exchange for You healing my mother." Meritorious actions, including keeping the mitzvot, need to be totally philanthropic - no strings attached.
Parshat Beshalach: The Story of Nachshon
Community Calendar​

January 2016

  • Jan 17, Sun @ 6 pm TNS Movie Night, The Last Mentsch
  • Jan 22, Fri @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Jan 23, Sat @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services
  • Jan 29, Fri @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
​February 2016
  • Feb 5, Fri @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Feb 6, Sat @ 10:30 am Torah Study w/Susan Shalit & Friends
  • Feb 12, Fri @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Feb 13, Sat @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services - Let's Make a Minyan
  • Feb 19, Fri @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Feb 21, Sat @ 6:00 pm TNS Movie Night, The Gett
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TNS Movie Night
Sunday, Jan. 17 @ 6:00 pm
All are welcome! 


Marcus Schwarz has denied his Jewish heritage all his life. After surviving the horrors of Auschwitz, he tried to forget by creating a new identity for himself in Germany.

But when Marcus decides he wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, and the rabbis don’t believe he’s Jewish, he is forced to return to his childhood Hungarian village – with a young Turkish woman at the wheel – to prove his identity. It’s a life-changing trip for both.

With all his family gone and no remaining records – except the faded tattoo on his forearm – Marcus’s only hope is to return to the Hungarian village where he grew up to try to find proof of his birth. He enlists a young Turkish woman to drive him there, resulting in a journey that will change them both forever.  
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January 21 Sylvia Gutkin

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Community Prayers:
  • Maxie Canant
  • Jody Eastman
  • Sophie Fishman
  • Binah Polay
Shevat 14, Jan. 24 Mary Dolgow Drucker,
Mother of Howard Drucker
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