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Parsha of the Week: 
Vay'era: Exodus 6:2-9:35

Judaism of the Week: Literal Plagues of Egypt

Lots of people think the plagues are just stories, but what if they were real? There's plenty of theories of how they could have come about, and here's a great article about that.
Parshat Va'eira: The Ancient Plagues of Egypt

Community Calendar

  • Jan 8, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services Rabbi Chorny Weekend!
    • Community Veggie/Dairy Potluck!
  • Jan 9Saturday @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services
    • Luncheon to follow
    • Adult Class w/Rabbi Chorny
  • Jan 10, Sunday @11:15 - Adult education, TBD  - Rabbi Chorny Weekend!
  • Jan 15, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Jan 16Saturday @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services
  • Jan 17, Sunday @ 6 pm TNS Movie Night, The Last Mentsch
  • Jan 22, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 
  • Jan 23Saturday @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services
  • Jan 29, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services 

We hope you will join us for our Community Potluck this Friday with Rabbi Chorny.  Bring your favorite dish to share: salad, main course or dessert! 
Tzaddikim needed!
Lead our davening!
Please volunteer to read Torah, Haftarah or give the D’var Torah in our friendly, supportive lay-lead Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services.  Contact Mike Sommer at
Join us for:
Torah Study w/Susan Shalit - 1st Sat. of mo. @ 10:30 am

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Join us on Sunday, Jan. 17 @ 6 pm
TNS Movie Night - The Last Mentsch

Marcus (Mario Adorf) is a survivor of Terezin and Auschwitz. His survival strategy after the war was forgetting. But now as the past catches up with him, he wants to be buried as a Jew with his family. But to his surprise, he first has to prove that he ever was a Jew.
Rosh Hashanah L’Ilan by Rabbi Daniel Chorny      
My friend Aaron describes himself as “eccentric.”  One feature of this eccentricity is that he has taken upon himself the holy task of starting an etrog—citron—orchard. Having grown up secular, when he began his process of returning to Jewish religious life, he found it particularly meaningful to “claim” mitzvot by delving into how he could acquire his own ritual items: Instead of spending about $20 for a pound of special shmurah matzah for Pesach, he will try to bake his own; unsatisfied with modern Israeli Hebrew and the Ashkenazi trope system, he has worked to learn Yemenite pronuncia- tion and to revive the ancient trope of his Egyptian fore- fathers; instead of paying for an overpriced etrog, treated with pesticides that put its edible status in question, he would grow his very own organic fruit.   (For more of Rabbi Chorny's article, click on text.)
Community News:

Klein Community Room
We need your help in reaching our $50,000 goal
for the Klein Community Rm.   Please donate with Paypal via our
website or contact Armin Bandari.


Todah Rabah for the following donations:
In memory of my mother, Carmen Concepcion from Linda Sommer

and for donations to the Klein Community Room:  
Armin & Lauren Bandari, Elisa Feingold & 
Erik Rutherford

Happy Birthdays
January 3 Keren Gott
January 4 Saeed Niku
January 4 David Cohen
January 5 Sharon Wolff

Happy Anniversary!
January 7 David & Sarah Cohen
January 7 Isaac & Daniele Feldman
January 8 Rabbis Daniel & Hillary Chorny

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Community Prayers:
  • Maxie Canant
  • Jody Eastman
  • Sophie Fishman
  • Binah Polay

Tevet 23, Jan. 4 Judy Willis,
Sister of Linda Blonsley
Tevet 24, Jan. 5 Saleh Niku,
Father of Saeed Niku
Tevet 24, Jan. 5 Saul Klein,
Father of Sylvia Drucker
Tevet 26, Jan. 7 Esther Berger,
Mother of Marc Berger
Tevet 28, Jan. 9 Ralph Levin,
Father of Sophie Fishman
Tevet 28, Jan. 9 Sidney Kasanoff,
Father of Leslie Kasanoff
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