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Parsha of the Week: 
Chayei Sarah: Genesis 23:1-25:18

Judaism of the Week: Gemilut Hasadim

"Acts of Kindness" as this mitzvah is often referred to has a deeper meaning:

"The dictionary meaning of the root g-m-l that is most supported by Talmudic usage is reciprocal acts. Gemilut signals that these are acts done in the context of a relationship with a built-in notion of benefit or compensation in return for the act. This immediately differentiates our tradition from those that emphasize the selflessness of service. The Talmud supports this, stating that the reward for service is in this world, not in the world to come (Shabbat 127a). Service can and should be valuable in some way to the person engaged in it."

Read more about what truly being kind entails and how to be a kinder person.
Parshat Chayei Sarah: Rebecca meets Isaac
Why is it that 3 year old Rebecca was such an eligible bachelorette?

Community Calendar

  • November 3, Tuesday
    • Prado Day center lunch. We need volunteers! Contact Carol Berger for more information
  • Nov 6, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services followed by Hillel dinner
  • Nov 13, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services with Rabbi Chorny, followed by veggie potluck
  • Nov 14, Saturday
    • @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services followed by adult learning with Rabbi Chorny
    • @ 6:00 pm Seudat/Havdalah at Gail Ryff's
Join us for our community potlucks! Bring your favorite veggie dish to share: salad, main course, or dessert!
Serve your community!

Our last Prado lunch for 2015 will be on Tuesday November 3rd at 12 noon. I am still seeking new members to join us. Please contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss what you are willing to provide. Thank you. Carol or 481-2086.
Tzaddikim needed!
Lead our davening!
Please volunteer to read Torah, Haftarah or give the D’var Torah in our friendly, supportive lay-lead Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services.  Contact Mike Sommer at
Help make a minyan!
Fridays at 6:15 pm &
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday at 9:30 am
Join us every:
1st Sat: 
10:30 am Torah study

6:30 PM: Seudat/Havdalah
Community News:

The TNS SistaHood is officially launched. If you are interested in joining, please email Jody to get added to the list and sent the current email. Hope you can join us!

Todah rabah for the following donations:

High Holidays:
Joshua Sklar
Susan Appel & Michael Dempsey
Frieda Sumpter
Horowitz family
General donations:
Jerry & Judy Liebes

Sharon Gellerman of ColorVibe designs in honor of Philipa Kennealy, Tamara Kaldor, Beth Alpert, Rachelle PortnerBy
Linda Sommer in honor of her brother Pete Concepcion.
Share a Simcha!

Happy Birthday!
November 4 Shayna Levy
November 4 Armin Bandari
November 6 Etti Margalit
November 7 Lauren Levine
November 13 Danya Cohen Declusin
Happy Anniversary!
November 4 Danya (Cohen) & Cory Declusin 

Send us your simchas! New house? New baby? New business venture?
Community Prayers:
  • Maxie Canant
  • Jody Eastman
  • Sophie Fishman
Cheshvan 21, Nov. 3 Lawrence Berger,
Father of Marc Berger
Cheshvan 23, Nov. 5 Leo Wolff,
Father of David Wolff
Cheshvan 28, Nov. 10 Joseph Stone,
Father of Norman Stone
Kislev 1, Nov. 13 Bella Chicovsky,
Grandmother of Yael Gott
Kislev 1, Nov. 13 Mary Levine,
Mother of David Levine
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