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Parsha of the Week: 
Vayera: Genesis 18:1-22:24 

Judaism of the Week: Lashan Hara

Many interpret the story of Hagar and Ishmael as a negative one. Traditionally we see Ishmael as having been a negative mark on the family of Avraham and Sarah, but in the Torah, there's no such illusion. If you look, you'll find many rabbinical commentaries making this point. 

Poor Ishmael has suffered centuries of lashan hara (evil tongue) against him. And at what cost? Language is very important in Judaism, and so it follows that there are mitzvot associated with it. 

In a nutshell:
  • We are prohibited to gossip, or tale-bear - even if it is true, not negative, or the person him or herself would say it
  • We are prohibited to wrong another through speech - whether it be lying, tale-bearing, even false compliments!
This is probably one of the harder mitzvot to follow because it's so natural to us! Watch those evil tongues this week!
Parshat Vayeira: Hagar and Ishmael
Sympathies for Hagar this week, and a lesson in enduring harsh treatment.

Community Calendar

  • October 25, Sunday
    • Adult education at the home of Susan Shalit, see the column to the right.
  • October 28, Wednesday
    • 6:30 pm Beneath the Helmet Showing
    • 8:00 pm Meet Druze IDF and social leaders
    • See notice below for more info
  • October 30, Friday  @ 6:15 Erev Shabbat Services
  • November 3, Tuesday
    • Prado Day center lunch. We need volunteers! Contact Carol Berger for more information
  • Nov 6, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services followed by Hillel dinner
  • Nov 13, Friday @ 6:15 pm Erev Shabbat Services with Rabbi Chorny, followed by veggie potluck
  • Nov 14, Saturday @ 9:30 am Shabbat Services followed by adult learning with Rabbi Chorny
Join us for our community potlucks! Bring your favorite veggie dish to share: salad, main course, or dessert!
Druze officers within the IDF and social leaders will be speaking at Temple Ner Shalom on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 8:00 pm.  These soldiers and civilians will present their experience and outlook for Israeli military experiences.  Druze fighters are highly respected in the Israeli society.  The Zionist Organization of America and several local entities are co-sponsoring this event.  See the flyer attached for details.
NOTE:  We (JCCSLO News Junkies) will host a film at 6:30 pm at Temple Ner Shalom preceeding the talk, entitled Beneath the Helmet.  No charge for this showing or the talk.
Beneath the Helmet is a documentary film about Israeli high school graduates who are also soldiers.
Beneath the Helmet goes behind-the-scenes and explores the lives of five Israeli soldiers who just graduated high school. While their counterparts in the United States are enrolling in college, Israeli teenagers are drafted into a  2-3 year military service to safeguard their homes.
Opponents of Israel paint a grim picture of Israel’s men and women in uniform. But beneath every helmet there is an untold story. It is this story that our film seeks to share.
Visit to watch the film trailer.

Meet the cast
In our film, we follow five soldiers from diverse backgrounds and explore the personal stories and motivations that inform their service. The film features:
•         Eden, a 20 year-old officer who is charged with the welfare of 30 paratroopers.
•         Coral, a female sergeant who considered evading army service but changed her mind after high school.
•         Mekonan, an immigrant from Ethiopia who is faced with personal challenges that threaten his service.
•         Oren, a lone soldier from Switzerland who volunteered to serve at the age of 18.
•         Eilon, the first member of his family to serve in the army.
  Please spread the word in the Jewish community and bring friends.
Serve your community!

Our last Prado lunch for 2015 will be on Tuesday November 3rd at 12 noon. I am still seeking new members to join us. Please contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss what you are willing to provide. Thank you. Carol or 481-2086.
Tzaddikim needed!
Lead our davening!
Please volunteer to read Torah, Haftarah or give the D’var Torah in our friendly, supportive lay-lead Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services.  Contact Mike Sommer at
Help make a minyan!
Fridays at 6:15 pm &
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday at 9:30 am
Join us every:
1st Sat: 
10:30 am Torah study

6:30 PM: Seudat/Havdalah
Community News:

Adult Education on Sunday, Oct 25!
"The Sounds of Shabbat" 

10 am - Susan Shalit's home

Join us for a historical exploration of the Jewish legal approach to the use of instrumental music, stomping and clapping on Shabbat. Learn about the values and other underlying considerations at play when Jewish communities choose to (or not to) accompany their Shabbat services with musical instruments. Email Susan for more info.

Todah Rabah for the following donations:
  • Linda Sommer, in honor of Pete Concepcion
  • Linda and Gill Blonsley
Thank you for the lovely luncheon in honor of the baby naming for Noa, Tavore, Emlee and Sophie. Feldman family, Koren family and Kamen family.

The TNS SistaHood is officially launched. If you are interested in joining, please email Jody to get added to the list and sent the current email. Hope you can join us!

Share a Simcha!

Happy Birthday!
October 25 Chuck Fishman
October 25 David Wolff
October 27 Lance Million
October 29 Eileen Berger
October 29 Shannon & Nathan Fitzpatrick
Send us your simchas! New house? New baby? New business venture?
Community Prayers:
  • Ruth Starr
  • Maxie Canant
  • Jody Eastman
  • Sophie Fishman
  • Hannah Len
Cheshvan 12, Oct. 25 Herman Lille,
Father of Jeff Lille
Cheshvan 15, Oct. 28 Rose Cohen,
Grandmother of Susan Stern-Pearl

Feel free to email your davening needs to us to be included. Would you like to memorialize your loved one on the plaque at TNS? Click to find out more!
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