Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation!
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South Korea Recap
Click the video above to watch a short update while I was in Korea!

“On that Monday night when I was 13 years old, God spoke clearly to me in a picture of big block letters that read, “Go into all the nations and preach the Gospel. I thought God was telling me to go to ALL the nations but I didn’t even know how many nations existed. I had never even heard of South Korea." said Loren Cunningham, who is the founder of YWAM. Loren went on to say, "Well now, God has sent me to every nation in the world! God is faithful!"

Thank you for your prayers throughout our travels in Korea. It was an intense time of ministry with speaking at a new church and being in a new city each day for 10 days. God was so incredibly faithful. Thank you!

One thing that was highlighted throughout the tour was the importance of the Word of God and prayer for revival. Along with the Korean Church, we are praying for revival to happen in Pyongyang (North Korea) like it did in 1904. We challenged the churches to “adopt” a region of N. Korea to pray for and to give Bibles to when the day it opens it's doors. Even though it currently seems impossible, God CAN restore and transform the nation of North Korea.
40 years ago, nobody would have ever imagined that South Korea would be a leader in world missions. But prayer and the Word of God have radically transformed South Korea in one generation! It is now the 9th richest nation in the world and the #2 missions sending country in the world with 25,000 known full-time missionaries!

Pastors and leaders of South Korea are praying and trusting in God to raise up 100,000 missionaries from Korea to send to the ends of the earth!

It was so cool and encouraging to see many young people wanting to be a missionary and to be used by God to see people come to know Christ.
Thank you for again for praying for us while we were in Korea!


As I sat down to have lunch with Loren last week, I was so inspired to hear what God has done in this man’s life and to see how God has done GREAT things all around the world. It was such a privilege to tour around Korea with him.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support! I am always so encouraged by the many people praying for myself and for the ministry that God has placed me in.

Let’s pray together for the thousands of young people we were able to talk to. Pray that God continues this work amongst the youth. Pray that they would seek God in all the areas of their lives. God is doing exciting things in Korea and I’m excited to see what God continues to do in this nation.
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