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Thank You for a Wonderful 20th
Anniversary Celebration


The 20th Anniversary was an amazing chance to reunite with old friends and teammates.  Thank you to all those who helped make the event so special.  

Keep checking our Facebook page and Website for photos from the events as they come in. 

We still want you to keep in touch!
ERT Deploys to the Florida Gulf Coast
On Monday, May 12th, 4 members of the Emergency Response Team traveled to Escambia County, Florida to assist with flood response. The team assisted the local COAD and 2-1-1/United Way in a crucial outreach campaign to individuals affected by the flash flooding event that occurred on April 29th, 2014.  Their leadership resulted in reaching over 900 individuals to assess their needs.  The team of 4 stayed in Escambia County for 4 weeks supporting response efforts.  
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The Emergency Response Team was recognized by the United States Forest Service with the Wings Across the Americas Conservation Award on March 12, 2014 for their service in Iron County.  The Team was a partner in prescribed burns for Barton Fen, one of the few designated habitats for the endangered Hine's Emerald Dragonfly.  

Barton Fen is just one of thirteen Hine's habitats in the state of Missouri.  The US Forest Service has been working since 2004 to restore the area through actions like invasive species removal, gravel run-off prevention, and the reintroduction of fire.  With ERT's assistance, the Hine's male population is growing in Barton Fen.  

"To AmeriCorps St. Louis (past and present), 
This award, although in recognition of a specific project, reminds me of all the good work you have completed on the Mark Twain over the years.  I look forward to meeting and working with future crews!"
Becky Ewing - USFS

Learn more about the Wings Across the Americas Program with the USFS
Member Reflections
Baxter Springs 
by Liana Kopp

As with the MARC, homeowners would come into the VRC without knowing what the process was or what to expect from us. However, on several occasions, we watched as homeowners would walk through the door tense and confused until they saw those of us they had worked with in the MARC. You could see through their body language and facial expressions that as soon as they saw ERT members they recognized that they felt more comfortable asking for help.

One woman who stood out the most for us was a woman we met at the MARC. She and her husband and their five young children tried to run for the basement when the tornado hit but the stair collapsed and they were unable to make it. Instead they had to cling to one another in the interior of the house to prevent the children from being sucked away. 

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Small Gesture, Big Impact
by Chris Stauffer

Just the other day we went out for pizza and there was a youth there that was fascinated by what we did. Fighting fires, helping out with disasters, even spraying along the highway—we are constantly doing hazardous work to make this world a better place. As we were making our way to the truck to return to our housing the kid ran out to us and shook my hand. All I had been doing for the past 2 months was spraying invasives and still this youth thought of me as a hero. That moment meant the world to me—that moment made the months of spraying the endless hordes of invasive plants worthwhile. Thanks kid; our work isn’t always glorious, but when we run into people like you it makes serving our country infinitely better.

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Alumni News

*If you are an alumni with big news, let us know! We want to keep your AmeriCorps family updated.  If you have any announcements, please email them to
Please consider making a financial donation to AmeriCorps St. Louis to ensure our Emergency Response Team is able to continue responding. Every dollar you give means that our team is able to be out there, meeting the needs of people whose lives have been turned upside down. 
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