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ESI 5335 UV Laser Drill

ESI CO2 Laser Drill
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Santa Clara, CA

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Santa Clara, CA
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Santa Clara, CA. October 18th, 2016

Streamline continues it's expansion of 30,000 sq. ft., while adding and reinvesting in state-of-the-art equipment and leading edge metal finish chemistry. 

October's equipment showcase:
ESI UV/CO2 Laser Drilling Systems

42,000 holes per minute as compared to 600 

  • Removes RF stitching constraint 
  • Eliminates carbon burn on cutting edge
  • Allows reduction in copper weight on capture pad

New ENIG and ENEPIG Processes drive new technology

Evolving from Uyemura TCL-61 to Uyemura TAM-55

After utilizing the very reliable Uyemura TCL-61 for over a decade, Streamline has decided to evolve to the even more advanced finish process, Uyemura TAM-55. This change will take place starting Monday, October 24th. See a few quick TAM-55 facts below, or for full information and reliability process testing, click the provided link.
  • More pure than previous comparable finish
  • Advanced Immersion Gold bath minimizes nickel corrosion, optimizes gold distribution
  • Protects and maintains the solderability of the electroless nickel in an ENIG deposit
  • Ideally suited for use as a solderable finish for small SMT and BGA pads

Streamline Circuits Corp., a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards, offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex, has made significant growth over the past year. We are committed to providing customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers utilize these resources to develop a cost effective product in a time sensitive manner. This is critical for today's customers who want and need to get their quality products to market first.
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