Closing out another great year with an increased capacity of 30%.
Rigid Flex continues to be a huge growth segment at Streamline

MIL-PRF-31032 Certification anticipated in 2013

Monthly Webinars:
October marked the first of Streamline's monthly webinars, conducted by National Sales Manager Bryan Fish. The topic for December: PCB101 - Intro to PCBs; Chapter 1: Quoting  

Previous Topics:
October: The "X" Factor
November: Design, Stack-up & Etch

Ask your sales representative about the expected topics of the next webinar, and feel free to suggest topics for the upcoming months. Occurring the second Wednesday of every month. 

Giving Back:
Organizations Streamline is proud to support this season:

Santa Clara, Ca; December 11th, 2012

We are proud to have successfully completed the following 2012 goals:
  • Become 100% Laser Direct Imaging
  • Install & implement the 36 Station IPS Automated Computerized Electroless Line with real-time chemical dosing
  • Install & implement Schmid Inner Layer Develop, Etch & Strip Line
  • Implement InPlan Pre-Eng Automation
  • Install & implement the Micro-Vu Excel 4220 Coordinate Measurement Machine (below)
‚ÄčThese updates have increased Streamline's capacity by 30%

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM):
  • Completely computerized automated system
  • Major advancement in route program verification where a Streamline engineer inputs a customer's requirements then measures accuracy of entered data before critical routing
  • Means to input PCB requirements and measuring accuracy of product dimensions
  • Optimal for first article dimensional checks
  • Data outputted in easy to read Excel spreadsheet
Investments planned for 2013...
  • Vacuum Press (2) (Received Dec. 7th)
  • New Schmid outer layer etcher
  • 2 Orbotech AOI systems with .0005" (1/2 mil) capability
  • New Electroless Gold line (ENEPIG)
  • 2 additional LDI systems
  • New Photo Plotter for button and silkscreen film
  • Additional OEM Hot/Cold Oil Lam 6 Cavity Press
Streamline Circuits Corp, a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex, has seen significant growth over the past year. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers utilize these resources to develop a cost effective product in a time sensitive manner. This is critical for today's customers who want and need to get their quality products to market first.
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