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November 17th 2011 Newsletter!

We are trying a new format email newsletter.  Please tell us what you think of this new format, as we try to make the emails a little more exciting and readable.  There are many (20+) 'hidden' and unhidden links within the newsletter, can you find them all?

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Contents of this Newsletter:

Below you will updates on:

1. Sunday School Class
2. Marriage Mentorship
3. Christmas Banquet
4. Christmas Eve service
5. Christmas Day Service

Adult Sunday School Class

This week will be the final week of this session.

Come at 9:30 as we learn more about 'eastern' religions.  Hinduism, Buddism and others.
Please also come ready to share what you have learned and how this will help you within our growing multi-cultural community.

Massey Place is currently in a coaching/development relationship with theCanadian Marriage and Family Network. 
This network focuses on two things:
1st: developing a relationship amoung church leaders who highly value relationships.  (there are 5 churches in the network).
2nd: train couples to be marriage mentors.  We currently have trained 4 couples from MPCC and 1 from Delisle to be marriage mentors.  

We are hosting the next training session here, November 17th and 18th.  

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a mentor couple?
Are you interested in being mentored in your relationship?
Now is the time!
Let us know if you are --- God is doing amazing things!

Adult Christmas Banquet

December 9th we are having a Adult Christmas Banquet!  Please reserve the date, and make plans to be here.

As we are finalizing all the details, please be aware that we have some amazing people making the meal (so be prepared), and also a great group of people who are heading to Cuba this March doing the set up, decorating, and entertainment!  This will be a fundraiser to help support some people on our trip to Cuba, March 3-11, 2012!  

So make some plans, find a sitter to the kids (or dogs:) and you won't be dissappointed!

Christmas Eve Service

Again this year, we are expecting the largest service of the year (who are you bringing?)  Christmas eve is a wonderful time to gather and remember the birth of Jesus Christ.  As we plan for this service, as the choir practices and as the candles are unpacked please prayerfully consider who you will be bringing.  The new neighbors beside you?  Your kids or parents? Someone from work?  This will be a great service to invite someone to, all you need to do is figure our who that is!

Christmas Day

The leadership team and I (Pastor Curtis) have decided that this year, we will not have a Sunday Morning service on Christmas Day.  What we are going to to instead is two fold.  First, we are pouring our energy and focus into the Christmas eve service, so please plan to take advantage of that.  Secondly, we are going to prepare a take how DVD for every member and guest.  This DVD will be prepared and designed to play Christmas Day with your family and friends in mind.  It will be simple, light and great way to take a few short minutes (it will be short), and refocus the entire household, wherever you are, on the reason for the season! These will be avaliable a week or two ahead of time if you are traveling, as well as on Christmas eve.  


Weekly Activities

  • Monday, 1:30 pm: Bible Study lead by Boyenko's, at 108, 3220 33rd Street West (West Portal Manor)

  • Wednesday 7:00 am: Mens Breakfast at Grainfields on Circle
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm:Choir Practice at MPCC
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm:Comfort Makers, at MPCC
  • Saturday am: Worship Practice 
  • Sunday 9:30 am: Adult Sunday School
  • Sunday 10:00 am: Prayer Meeting
  • Sunday 10:30 am: English Service
  • Sunday 3:00 pm: Spanish Service



  • Friday and Saturday 18th and 19thMarriage Mentor Training workshops, hosted at MPCC.October Events

  • Sunday 20th, Guest Speak, Greg McCombs sharing in the morning service.
  • Friday 25th, Community Supper, $3.00 per plate, everyone welcome! Hosted by us!
  • Sunday 27th, First Sunday of Advent.
December Events



  • Sunday 4th, at 1:oo pm, Annual Budget Meeting

  • Friday 9th at 6:30 pm, Adult Christmas Banquet, at MPCC
  • Saturday 24th, 6:30 pm, Christmas Eve Candlelight service (who are you inviting?)
  • Sunday 25th, No morning service 

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